Muppet Monday: Countdown to Jim Henson’s Biography

Jim Henson the Biography Countdown from This Happy Place Blog

Hi all! I’m so excited to to bring you my first ever MUPPET MONDAY series! You may or may not know but the first ever, full fledged Jim Henson biography is hitting bookstores everywhere on September 24, 2013. That means we have about three weeks before this 600-page book can be camping out on your nightstand.

Thanks to some kind friends at Ballantine Books I have been working through an early copy (but still pre-ordered the real thing because I must see the final product and all the pictures) and thought I would get your excitement revved up each week with a fun fact or two that I’ve picked up from the book until the release date!

I haven’t gotten through ALL that much yet (at the moment, I’m reading about Jim’s early work on Sam and Friends) but I can say you should expect a superbly detailed story of Jim’s life that even dives into the history of his family. Brian Jay Jones did a ton of research and had so much access to friends, colleagues, and even Jim’s family. Not to mention Henson archives. I spent a good 20 minutes looking through the index of the book the other night; the resources are just astounding.

Speaking of astounding, here’s one memorable fact from early on in the biography:

Did you ever wonder how Kermit got his name? Well, he wasn’t named for Jim’s childhood best friend (I always thought this too) and oddly enough, Kermit was a popular name in 1955. (Truth: Theodore Roosevelt named his son Kermit and the name is still used in the family.) But Jim didn’t pick it because of that either. He liked the sound.

“The name Kermit was memorable and fairly funny.” – from Jim Henson: The Biography

 Stay tuned for more on my progress through JH: TB and be sure to pre-order a copy! Tell your friends!

Jim Henson: the Biography on: Goodreads | Amazon | Brian Jay Jones’ website

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