Dapper Day Countdown: Melissa’s Dapper Disney I-Do’s

Dapper Day Countdown Hosted by Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog

I think we all have a dream Disney wedding. Whether you’d do it in grand style in Cindy’s forecourt (a la Mariah and Nick’s Anaheim vow renewal) or keep it small and sentimental overlooking Crescent Lake at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, don’t lie: you’ve thought about it.

Mariah Carey and Nich Cannon's wedding renewal in Disneyland

My current personal fantasy involves a totally bootleg event in the Magic Kingdom—completely unsanctioned by the Mouse. But today Estelle and I are kicking off our Countdown to Dapper Day, and my beau and I sat down to draw up a fantastically fancy imagining of the perfect Dapper Disney I Dos.

Before anything else (and assuming a happy couple), every wedding needs a location. You’d think that a Dapper Day wedding might best be set in Disney’s Hollywood Studios—it is the right time period and there are lots of dramatic backdrops. But we decided to go with Magic Kingdom instead because it screams classic magic.

Magic Kingdom Wedding: Photo from Disney Parks Blog

Let’s set the stage: the groom and his attendants are lined up in front of Town Hall, ready for the big event. This is a small wedding, so the 20-30 guests are standing in the center of Town Square, on the island where the flagpole lives.

The bridesmaids roll up and around Town Square on the Main Street Fire Truck and are let out in front of Town Hall. Our bride rides down Main Street and around the Square in one of the jitneys before joining the party. Once the vehicles leave the Square, the guests enter the street to get a closer view of the ceremony.

And then it’s wedding time!

After the nuptials, an elegant five-piece band will play jazzy music from the train station platform overlooking the Square. Nibbles will be served in the Town Square Tour Guide Gardens with the cake cutting to take place on the stairs of Town Square Theatre.

Magical, yea? And we haven’t even gotten to the most super funnest part of all: the clothes! I put together two very different, very dapper takes on Magic Kingdom wedding fashion for the bride and her attendants.

Flirty Dapper Day Wedding Style: Disney Dapper Day series from Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog

Flirty Fit and Flair: Bride dress by ModCloth (adrift on a cloud), Bride shoes by ModCloth (aquarium interview), Bride earrings by ModCloth (have a ball), Bridesmaid dress by ModCloth (conifer what it’s worth), Bridesmaid bracelets by Ruche (ellery bangle set). I love the pop of blue in the bride’s shoes!

Sleek Dapper Day Wedding Look: Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog Host Dapper Day Countdown series

Sleek and Sexy: Bride dress by ModCloth (fondant and lace), Bride shoes by ModCloth (dip of the toes), Bride hairpiece by John Lewis (grace disc fascinator), Bridesmaid dress by ModCloth (across the table). I really really love the drama of the bridal headpiece!

There’s nothing wrong with fluffy dress, long veil event. (Heck, I had one!) But there’s also something so fun about throwing tradition to the wind and piecing together a vintage glam wedding in the spirit of Dapper Day (even if it’s just in your imagination). For now, my Disney wedding dreams are just that … and I know you have them too!! Tell us about it in the comments below.


(Two earlier pictures from Disney Parks Blog.)

5 thoughts on “Dapper Day Countdown: Melissa’s Dapper Disney I-Do’s

  1. I once casually mentioned to my dad that if I ever got married I’d prefer to elope. He immediately panicked and bribed me with a Disney wedding if I promised not to. No nuptials on the horizon, but it’s good to have that in my back pocket… 😉

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