Guest DIY: Making of a Tangled Tower

Editor’s note: So excited to welcome back Rachel to This Happy Place Blog. As soon as she sent me this impressive masterpiece, I knew THP’s readers would definitely appreciate her hard work and maybe even take on this project themselves! Big thanks to Rachel for taking the time to put this step-by-step post together. Happy crafting, everyone!

What do you do for your best friend’s bridal shower when you know she loves the movie Tangled? You build her a Tangled-inspired wishing well, of course! Our other friend and I had been talking about the bride’s shower practically as soon as she got engaged and one idea she tossed out was doing something inspired by the movie. I was a little skeptical at first (only because I didn’t want it to be cheesy!) but then I thought – what if we recreated the tower to use for the wishing well? And that’s how it all started. But coming up with an idea and actually doing it are two entirely different things. Luckily I had Loren to turn to and she figured out how to put it all together. I was there to help with the shopping, the gluing, cutting and all the other fun DIY-related things that needed to be done (however painting was left in her more capable hands!).

Tangled Tower DIY: Supply List
supplies: hamper | tub | ivy | | floral | Rust-Oleum | fabric | dowel

Step 1: Buy Supplies

Get the shape of the tower. To do this we bought a hamper from Bed Bath & Beyond (which doubled as a bridal shower gift) and a party bucket from Party City to place on top of it as the house.

For decorating. We went to Home Depot and A.C. Moore for painting supplies, fabric, paper and plastic flowers/ivy.

Step 2: Time to paint!

Since our bucket was blue (there were no other colors available), Loren spray painted it white, which we let dry overnight, and then she hand-painted it to look like the house.

Step 3: Decorating the tower

We cut up the plastic ivy and flowers we bought and glued them to the hamper. We tried to make it look like it wrapping around the tower.

Step 4: How we do make the hat?

I really mean the roof of the house but I kept calling it the hat as we tackled that problem (it looks like one, don’t you think?). We had to make another trip to A.C. Moore for purple fabric, a dowel (I had no idea what this was), styrofoam and different shades of purple paper. Loren stuck the dowel into the styrofoam, placed it at the center of the bucket and then put the purple fabric over it. Once we knew how to position and cut the fabric to fit, she attached velcro to the rim of the bucket and the ends of the fabric roof. This way when people want to put a present in, all they had to do was lift a piece of the fabric. While she did that, I got started on cutting all the paper into 2×2 inch squares which was then glued to the fabric / entire roof.

Step 5: Final touches

We put the two parts together (the bottom half + the house) but we didn’t glue or tape them because it was easier to transport it if we could take them apart. But we wanted to add more ivy and flowers that would extend from the tower to the house and it was easier to see the overall look this way. Afterwards, we took a step back to admire our work and we were done!

We were so happy with how it turned out. To be honest, I had my moments of doubt as to whether or not we could pull it off but we did it! We got a ton of compliments from all the guests and our best friend absolutely loved it. We told her she could take off the flowers and just use the hamper but she said she wants to keep it as is. I’m not sure if I believe that but when I visit her future home, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out!

Homemade Tangled Tower for Bridal Shower

Want more? See some highlights from Rachel’s stint as a maid-of-honor in her post about her best friend’s wedding!

2 thoughts on “Guest DIY: Making of a Tangled Tower

  1. I am sooooo impressed by people who are creative! I have no head for crafts at all, even when the instructions are given to me. LOL! I’m glad you put this up b/c now I can be blown away!

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