Dapper Day Countdown: Main Street Style

Please give a warm welcome to Miss Emma from A Pinch of Pixie Dust today…

Dapper Day Countdown

There’s a special feeling you get when you’re walking down Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.  And it’s not just the excitement of being at Walt Disney World – although walking down a street that has a big, beautiful, shining castle at the end of it can’t help but put an extra spring in your step and swish in your skirt – if you’re wearing a skirt that is.

Main Street USA in Disney's Magic KingdomBut then that’s part of the feeling I’m talking about  – being on Main Street makes me feel like I should be wearing a skirt, or a cheerful dress, or something spiffy, or something dapper.  Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for.  Main Street USA makes me feel dapper!

It starts with your surroundings.  Once I get over gawking at the castle, I’m always eagerly soaking in the details on the colorful buildings around me: the cornices, the cupolas, the finials, the gables, the porticos, the parapets.  I may be a little foggy as to which is a portico and which is a parapet, but all those little architectural details are so beautiful and add so much to the atmosphere.  Of course there are the sweet windows too, with their clever companies referencing Disney visionaries; even the lacy curtains look neat and pretty and ready for the show!

Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom: The Entertainment

The buildings themselves stand like a row of dapper ladies and gentlemen, but there are also actual ladies and gents, the citizens of Main Street, who are dressed just as stylishly as the houses.  They don’t call them the Dapper Dans for nothing!  From the Mayor to the Suffragettes to the Fire Chief, these characters and their turn-of-the-century spiffiness look just right on Main Street.  Their ribbons are always trimmed just right and their spats are always spotlessly white!

Even the cast members in the shops are perfectly attired – in long Victorian skirts or plaid vests at the Emporium and pristine candy-colored stripes at the Confectionery or the Main Street Bakery.  And the outfits mirror the interiors – take a look beyond the merchandise when you’re shopping, and you’ll find elegant murals and light fixtures, piles of hat boxes on upper shelves, and Gibson girl portraits gracing the prettily-papered walls.

Main Street USA: Magic Kingdom's Dapper Style

It makes me feel like I should be wearing a dress with a bustle and carrying a parasol while perusing the wall of plush or choosing a cupcake.  It is my secret ambition to someday recreate the Welcome Show/Trolley Girl outfit and wear it to a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  And possibly elsewhere in real life too, because it’s just such a cute outfit!

Speaking of Halloween, the holidays are always sure to bring a new, festive style to the already stylish Main Street!  Whether it’s the red, white, and blue bunting for the Fourth of July or the profusion of pumpkins in the fall, Main Street is extra-well-dressed whenever a special occasion rolls around.

Main Street USA: Magic Kingdom Halloween Decorations

Even the scarecrows look very spruce!

A nighttime stroll down Main Street is always a magical experience with the storefronts all lit up in rows of lights, but take that walk at Christmastime, and it’s SUPER magical.

Main Street USA: Magic Kingdom Holiday Magic

Of course you don’t always have time to take in all the Main Street magic.  But just watch – even if you’re doing the rope drop dash back into the other lands – as you speed walk through, you’ll find yourself standing up a little straighter and with a little extra swagger in your step.  Main Street will have that dapper effect on you!

Big thanks to Emma for participating in our series!

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