Dapper Day Countdown: Erica Does Vintage

Melissa and I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else for their fashion expertise for our Dapper Day series; we met Erica at our North East meetup this year (after a long time of tweeting back and forth) and she is a ton of fun, and always looks fantastic. Hope you enjoy her first ever guest post! Dapper Day Countdown

When Estelle and Melissa first asked me to guest post I have to admit I was super excited but extremely nervous!  My brain went in a million directions, should I do a period appropriate Dapper Day post? Should I give my wardrobe choice a modern spin? Would I have a costume change for each location?  What about the accessories??  After checking out the Dapper Day festivities on their website I knew what I would do.  If I were to attend and have a super large entourage (complete with hair and makeup, a girl can dream) to cart my fabulousness around I would without a doubt go vintage.  After all, I was the girl who went authentic with my Halloween flapper costume one year; none of that store bought fringe atrocity for me!

My costume history background immediately went into obsessive overdrive.  I started searching the interwebs for 1950’s cocktail dresses (hairstyles, makeup, shoes, jewelry, hats, sunglasses…) and let me tell you my wallet was scared.  There are so many sites where you can stock up on authentic pieces to fill your every vintage vixen desire. I was giddy yet overwhelmed.  SO. MANY. CHOICES.  I couldn’t decide, but I did know that I would want something a little glamorous for The Great Movie Ride.  How wonderful would it be to take some snapshots in front of the infamous Chinese Theater complete with cat-eye sunglasses? Let’s not forget the perfect synchronicity of the Sci-Fi Dine In or the Tune In Lounge!  How much would I love to be dressed period appropriate and yell “Look out!” during The Amazing Colossal Man! Yes, I watched the trailer on YouTube.  This did not help me narrow down my online searching for the perfect ensemble.  Then it hit me like Elvis doing a hip thrust!

The summer before my senior year of college I interned at The Long Island Museum cataloging their Historic Clothing Collection. They have since included a good part of that on their website and luckily for me one of my favorite pieces is included.

Green Dress from Erica's Dapper Day Post

This gorgeous little number is a satin confection of loveliness.  I am enamored with the delicate pleating along the décolletage and the strength of the emerald green sash.  I’d have to add a yellow crinoline underneath the skirt to add some fullness and fun.  Keeping the green as the pop of color (can you tell I work in fashion?) to compliment the Hollywood palm trees.  I recently bought a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, which would be perfect for the Florida sunshine.  What about my hair and makeup? I’d want a look that would transition into nighttime for the second slightly more casual act of the evening at The BoardWalk Inn.  Chignon?  Bouffant?  Waves? Hair rolls?  Much too much.  I’m thinking a 50’s version of the classic ponytail.

Erica's Hair Style Pick for Dapper Day


As for makeup I’d most likely stick with a semi-neutral toned cat-eye.  Instead of a bold red lip I think I would opt for a pretty Rose petal pink.

Let’s not forget about the shoes.  For me, shoes are the grand finale of any outfit.  Once again I tried a Google search but the results were filled with images of saddle shoes and cherry patterned fabrics.  Not what I picture as my perfect Dapper Day outfit exclamation  point.  I thought about searching various dept. store websites but my terrified wallet put a stop to that.  Mentally I started going through my closet, did I have a fantastically dapper option? Thanks to Marc Jacobs the answer was yes!  Cute, classic, color coordinating linen wedges would be perfect.  These beauties would pick up the green from my sash but not be overpowering.  As for finishing flourishes I would go with a cute charm bracelet and a simple double strand pearl necklace. I would have to have matching earrings of course!

Marc Jacobs Shoes for Erica's Dapper Day post

With the first part of our evening in the park coming to a close I would have to get ready for my costume change.  This is where the super large entourage comes in handy.  Before heading over to the BoardWalk Inn I am trading in my lovely little cocktail dress for a more informal yet still fabulous Hawaiian print sundress.

Outfit Change for Erica's Dapper Day Dress

The muted tones of brown, taupe, and cream are punctuated with red.  Again I would utilize a crinoline in just the right shade of red.  Hair and makeup would just need a touch up from my team of talented beauty experts.  Perhaps I could afford to go with a red lip to punch up my look for evening.  (A blue toned red, it makes your teeth look whiter and is universally flattering.  Just a little tip for the ladies out there.)  I don’t mind the necklace that was paired with this dress on Traven7’s Etsy page; the only element that bothers me is the tone of the red.  Personally, I’d need something a bit more dramatic.  More searching (though my wallet now having passed out) led me to this amazing earring/necklace combo.

Estate Jewels from Erica's Dapper Day Post

It shows as more orange in the photo and I’m okay with the pieces coordinating instead of becoming matchy-matchy.  Walking along the boardwalk, snapping more photos, and maybe a spin around Atlantic Dance Hall’s floor might require somewhat more practical shoes.  I am not one for practicality when it comes to footwear so I’m picking these adorable 3.75” Kiva wedges.  The color is just too perfect!

Shoe Change for Erica's Dapper Day Post

After an incredible Dapper Day filled with vintage photo-ops, drinks, and jiving I would hope to close it all out with a milkshake across Crescent Lake.  I can’t think of anything more perfect then sitting at the counter of Beaches and Cream listening to the Jukebox patiently waiting for my Teen Angel.

Becky from Disney in Your Day is dapper-ing over at Mouse on the Mind today with photo opportunity ideas! Love it!

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