Happy Birthday, Jim Henson

It’s not every day that I post two Muppet-y pieces in a row, but I figured Jim Henson’s 77th birthday was a pretty great reason to do so.

jim henson

What can you say about the man who brought us the Muppets and the Fraggles? Bird Bird and Ernie?

Words that come to mind are “gone too soon” and “genius”. Starting This Happy Place Blog and writing Muppet Mondays for the past two years have given me the opportunity to learn about his work ethic, his determination, and his creativity. I’ve enjoyed it so much, and I’m even more excited that Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones will be finding its home in bookstores everywhere on his birthday. There is so much left to learn about Jim, even 24 years after he left us. Kids who are just getting to know the Muppets, and big kids (like me) who are curious enough to dig a little deeper.

So on Jim’s birthday, I found a great interview from “CBS This Morning”. The year is 1989 and Jim is working away in the Muppet Workshop. A few of your favorites pop up during the interview too. I love his sweater, the inside look at the technology that brought newer Muppets to life, and the appreciation for simplicity.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Happy Birthday, Jim! And thanks.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jim Henson

  1. I was able to read an advanced copy of this book, and it was wonderful! Each night I would elbow my fiance and say thing like: “Oh, he just hired Jerry Nelson!” or “Gonzo, they just invented Gonzo!” it made me feel like I was almost there with them. What a great post about a great man!

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