Kill Refurb Marry: Walt Disney World Resorts

Kill Refurb Marry

The last time Mouse on the Mind + I did Kill Refurb Marry we chatted about World Showcase Pavilions and got a lot of other bloggers talking. It was so great to see others posting their own thoughts about the subject and linking up to us. So this time around, we decided to let people know beforehand so they could be prepped for the post.

If you are just finding out now, no fear. There’s still time to join us! That’s the best thing about it — no deadlines with Kill Refurb Marry! Today’s topic is all about resorts (thanks to Wonderland Nerds for providing the topic!) and gee, is this a hard one. So many new and renovated resorts have graced the theme parks lately, how to decide… how to decide.

Why is this always so stressful?!

These are my final answers:


All-Star Movies from Walt Disney World Website
WDW Official

All-Star Movies. First, let me say, I’m about ready to kill the “All-Star” name from these value resorts. So boring, so boring. I want to kill over movies though because of Art of Animation. I think AoA is gorgeous and I love the finished product. (It feels so much more like a moderate resort plus the decor is classy looking.) ASM could easily be converted into something else. Seasons? Holidays? Now that there is a MUCH better duplicate, I’m just not having it anymore.


All-Star Music Jazz: Walt Disney World Resort

This leads to me: All-Star Values in general. Don’t they seem dated to you? Am I cheating? I’m not sure. The rules of this game are always pretty blurry but, hear me out. I understand these can’t be as well-decorated as the Deluxe Resorts. The values need to be here. But even so why do they have to look like a little boy’s room. Wallpaper bordering? Seriously. It’s not cute. The beds are uncomfortable, and you know, the parents ARE paying for the room. This is exactly why Disney gets a bad rep from people and that whole idea of taking the kids to the World before they grow up is such a thing. Subtle Disney decor, nice sheets, no wallpaper bordering. How about that? I won’t even request the fancy shampoo.


Disney's Boardwalk -- Walt Disney World 2007

In real estate, the big thing is: location, location, location. And for me, that perfect spot is the BoardWalk Resort. Not only is the decor influenced by Coney Island and Atlantic City of the 20s and 30s, but you can see Spaceship Earth and France from the boardwalk, you have a ton of restaurants and bars and hang out spaces at your disposal, and there are always fun things going on at the boardwalk at night. (It’s a great place to people watch.) I know the actual resort can be a little bit and some are afraid of the clown pool, but I love how open the pool area feels (how the bartenders at Leaping Libations are still the same after all these years), and the rocking chairs. How wonderful are those chairs? I can’t think of a better place to spend the rest of my life.

What are your thoughts on this fascinating subject?
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8 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Walt Disney World Resorts

  1. I haven’t stayed at either of those all-star resorts so I can’t speak from experience, but I have to agree…wallpaper bordering must go!

    Love your Marry choice. The location really couldn’t be more perfect. I have many fond memories of the BW, that’s why I chose it as my refurb! I just think the rooms (villa rooms, not necessarily the Inn’s rooms) need a facelift and I’ll never leave.

  2. I would personally kill All Star Movies and maybe Music. My kids love the movies one. I would refurb Pop Century it needs to be more like Art of Animation. I love your Marry choice!

  3. Good point on the All Star Movies and Art of Animation using the same type of theme. I never thought of that. Movies definitely needs to go!
    I agree that Boardwalk is amazing, I picked that as a refurb only because I can’t tear myself away from Port Orleans Riverside.

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