At Disney Again: A Visit to Princess Fairytale Hall

I visited the Magic Kingdom last Saturday to try two new things: test out FastPass+ with my new MagicBand and explore the new Princess Fairytale Hall. I decided to visit the royal haunt around noon, just 2 ½ weeks after its initial opening. The wait was about 20 minutes—the line didn’t even stretch out of the building.

Fairytale Hall Magic Kingdom Photo by AtDisneyAgain

It may sound really weird, but there didn’t seem to be any urgency among guests. I’d guess that most people didn’t even notice it was a new attraction—it fits so seamlessly into Fantasyland, and it’s really not that different, on the outside, from what used to be there.

Fairytale Hall Magic Kingdom Which Princess

Before you go into the tent, you have two options: Cinderella and a Visiting Princess OR Rapunzel and a Visiting Princess. I used the FastPass+ entrance, but even if you plan to stand in line, you have to select your Princess before you head inside.

On this day, I chose to meet Rapunzel and her friend. When I made the FastPass+ reservation, My Magic Plus didn’t tell me who the additional Princess would be. If you have a young child who has her heart set on meeting someone specific, you may want to ask at Guest Relations or swing by Princess Fairytale Hall to take a look.

Fairytale Hall Using MagicBand Magic Kingdom

I “banded in” to the attraction—that’s what the Cast Members are calling it—and headed down a long, winding hallway, that really made me feel like I was working my way into the heart of a castle. The carved stone walls are hung with rich tapestries, and warm, crown-themed light fixtures that make everything glow in shades of gold.

Fairytale Hall Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Glass Slipper Photo by AtDisneyAgain

At the end of the hallway, you end up in a central chamber with a huge chandelier up top and a hand-laid mosaic tiled floor. The centerpiece of the room is the most famous shoe in all of the Kingdom. The Imagineers did a really great job of making it feel rich, regal and lavish—in this room and throughout the rest of the attraction.

Fairytale Hall Magic Kingdom Meet Snow White Photo by AtDisneyAgain

From there, you are led into a second, smaller chamber decorated with rich woods and landscape paintings. Here, in this more intimate space, you meet the Princesses. The Visiting Princess (I got to see Snow White) is up first, followed by the Host Princess. As with most meet and greets, there is a Photopass photographer and a handler with each.

Fairytale Hall Storybook Photo from AtDisneyAgain

The two Princesses are separated by what appears to be a memorial to Snow, whose Scary Adventures used to occupy the space. The area is richly detailed, with books representing each of the Princesses decorated with their family crest.

Fairytale Hall Magic Kingdom Meet Rapunzel Photo by AtDisneyAhain

Next up, I met Rapunzel, who is the Host Princess. Though this is nominally her “home,” there is absolutely nothing that is specifically hers in the space. This leads me to believe that the Princesses are all interchangeable and will be added and removed as time goes on.

Fairytale Hall Magic Kingdom Exit Photo by AtDisneyAhain

Once you’ve said your goodbyes, you head out, through another winding hallway and back out into the real world.

It’s a beautiful space. They clearly put a lot of thought into it, but I really just don’t think it was worth losing a dark ride for a meet and greet. It is a very nice meet and greet, but there are so few great dark rides—and Opening Day attractions, at that. I just don’t think it was a fair trade.

What do you think of the new Princess Fairytale Hall? Will it be on your next touring plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “At Disney Again: A Visit to Princess Fairytale Hall

  1. I was there over the weekend as well and I must say I was not impressed. If you have a Fast Pass+ reservation you don’t get to go through the actual “hall” just a hallway off to the side then they lead you to the room with the princesses you chose. I liked when you could see multiple princesses at once in the town square. Just seems like a waste. We only did Cinderella and Aurora because we didn’t want to use another Fast Pass+ reservation for the other two princesses.

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