Muppet Monday: Muppets in California Adventure

Editor’s Note: So happy to have Sarah from Running at Disney back on This Happy Place Blog. This summer, Sarah recently went on her first Disneyland trip and she was kind enough to write up this piece on MuppetVision in California. (It has been a rumor that this attraction may be removed. Let’s hope that’s not happening.) Enjoy today’s trip to the West Coast!

MuppetVision 3-D has been a favorite attraction of mine since it opened at Disney’s MGM Studios back in 1991.  Every time I enter the pre-show I find something new that makes me chuckle and the show itself is everything a classic Disney attraction should be!

So on my recent trip to Disneyland while I was wandering Disney California Adventure (DCA) looking for air conditioning (which by the way is rare), I saw Muppet Vision 3-D in Hollywood Land and knew I had to see one of my favorite shows.

MuppetVision California Adventure Front

The area around the attraction at DCA is much more subdued than Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) in Florida.  The charming courtyard with “Liberty Piggy” is missing and there is only a simple sign in its place.  The queue then strangely runs through the Award Wieners restaurant’s seating area.  But there is some cool new scenery in there…once again Beaker can’t catch a break!

California Adventure MuppetVision BeakerCalifornia Adventure MuppetVision

Entering the building, I was sad there wasn’t a sign at the security desk about the key under the mat.  It’s one of my favorite things about the attraction and they didn’t have it in DCA?!?

California Adventure MuppetVision

California Adventure MuppetVision Theming

Well guess what, they do!  There is a doormat a bit further down where you will find a key…but if you don’t know about the secret, you wouldn’t know it’s there.

California Adventure MuppetVision

Now here is where the similarities of the attractions begin.  The hallway leading to the pre-show area is almost identical and so is the pre-show…well for the most part.  One noticeable difference was the absence of “A-Net-Full-Of-Jello” one of my FAVORITE props in DHS!  (7-10)  The pre-show film is identical and as usual I found myself singing along with the Three D’s and Max… my favorite!

DCA-Muppets7DCA-Muppets8California Adventure MuppetVision

We moved into the main room and it was this strange feeling that I was somewhere new, but VERY familiar.  It’s an exact replica of the DHS show…WIN!

California Adventure MuppetVisionCalifornia Adventure MuppetVision

California Adventure MuppetVision

Being a WDW native, I felt like a fish out of water in Disneyland, but having this familiar show made me feel right at home.  I mean really, how can you not love the Penguin Orchestra (Estelle!!) and the Swedish Chef battling it out with cannons?!?

It’s so true. MuppetVision is timeless, no matter the coast. 🙂

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