Boy Meets World Reunion: It Feels So Good

Boy Meets World Reunion 2013 Entertainment Weekly

This photo totally made my life.

Have you picked up a copy of Entertainment Weekly’s Reunion issue? (Boy Meets World might be my favorite but I also loved seeing the casts of Mystic Pizza and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants together again.)

Let’s talk Boy Meets World for a second. A show I used to camp out in front of my TV for every single Friday night to watch when I was a kid (Yay T.G.I.F.!), remember watching at awkward middle school get togethers, or crying or smiling over when I caught a repeat episode at college, on sick days, or even early mornings.

(Do you remember when Boy Meets World was on at 2 a.m. on The Disney Channel? Perfect backdrop for those all-nighters.)

The show was always a little wacky but it had a ton of heart. That’s what I remember the most. The friendship between Cory and Shawn (even though they were so different); they were never afraid to be honest with each other when it hurt. The on-again/off-again relationship between Cory and Topanga. Could a couple that met when they were so young really make it all the way? (Does anyone else hate Lauren from the ski lodge?) Involved parents like Mr. and Mrs. Matthews who worried if Cory was making the right decisions for his future. The strange evolution of Eric who went from the Big Man on Campus to the totally off-the-wall kind of creepy, always everywhere kind of character. And most importantly — the voice of reason for every single character on the show; the teacher who never went away — Mr. Feeny.

Since Disney’s announcement that they will be reviving the series as Girl Meets World — spotlighting the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter and her best friend — there seems to be a flurry of excitement for this show and I’ve been loving it. I know the new show will not be the family comedy we knew way back when but it will be great to see how that kind of half hour show will translate in the reality TV world we are living in today. I think the best part of all this enthusiasm is seeing that the cast has remained friends, continues to support each other, and knows how important this show was to the fans. I feel like there are so many childhood stars that forget where they come from, and we never see them together again. I’m so glad this is not the case with Boy Meets World. As a dedicated viewer, you want to believe those bonds and that chemistry came from a real place.

boy meets world reunion austin
Earlier BMW reunion in Austin this year.

While I’m looking forward to checking out Girl Meets World when it premieres, it’s so comforting to relive so many of my favorite movies through re-runs, my DVD collection, or through the memories from the cast.

To find out what the old crew is up to, make sure you pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly before it’s too late!

Here’s a video from June:

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2 thoughts on “Boy Meets World Reunion: It Feels So Good

  1. I always enjoyed the show when it originally aired, once I got over the fact that Mr. Feeny sounded just like KITT from Knight Rider. 🙂 And I still enjoy catching reruns of it now. They just don’t make shows like they used to. Still, I am interested to see how the new show turns out. Maybe it will capture some of the same fun as the original. I hope.

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