Disney Halloweens: A Personal History

I’ll be the first to admit that Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays.

I’m not sure when that all changed. I’m a huge fan of candy and sweets, but for some reason, I just never think about doing anything for the holiday anymore. No costumes, no parties. Instead, I drink pumpkin-flavored things, decorate minimally, and excitedly stroll in the candy aisles of the grocery store.

When I was home this weekend, I looked through a bunch of old photo albums to find the evidence of me dressing up as a kid and loving it. It’s amazing how many times my sister and I were “transformed” into Disney characters so I thought you might get a kick out of seeing some of these.

Nothing like a little trip down memory lane, right?

Halloween Estelle as Cinderella
I think I’m about 3 here. My mom made this costume! So crafty!
Halloween Estelle as Minnie Mouse
I’m actually not sure this was for Halloween. But I like the DIY flair of this outfit. (OMG … do I miss this skirt!) You know… it’s really easy to be Minnie Mouse.
Halloween when my sister was Jasmine
I wasn’t actually a Disney character here but my little sister was Jasmine. Isn’t she precious? (I won a costume contest at our school party that year though.)
Halloween Sisters as Snow White Twins
My mom also made these costumes when my sister and I were Snow White twins. SO CUTE. Was I too old for this? Probably. haha. But I did love those hairbands.
Halloween Estelle as Ariel
Every year for Halloween, our marching band ranks would secretly come up with different costumes and we would compete. During my junior year, all of the majorettes dressed up like Disney princesses. This was SO much fun. (Even when my wig kept falling off during our performance.)

True story: my Disney costume years didn’t end in high school. I was once Mulan in college. (That was actually pretty great because I fit into one of the larger kid sizes at the Disney Store. It was a pretty costume.) But since then, I can only remember dressing up once and I didn’t channel any of these characters…

How about you? Did you dress up as Disney characters when you were young?

Happy Halloween, friends! Hope all of you have a safe evening out + get tons of yummy candy!

3 thoughts on “Disney Halloweens: A Personal History

  1. I was Mickey Mouse for like three years running as a kid. I didn’t even want to be anything else. After “The Little Mermaid” came out, I wanted to be Ariel, but it was too cold in Wisconsin for a decent mermaid costume, and I always found the flesh-colored bodysuit ones creepy.

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