Muppet Monday: A Lit Lesson with Dr. Bob

Are you a Shakespeare fan?

I’ll admit that I didn’t have the easiest time reading Shakespeare when I was in high school. And then in college. I just didn’t feel like we were friends. My head was always screaming: WHAT DOES HE REALLY MEAN? WHY DOESN’T HE JUST SAY WHAT HE MEANS TO SAY.

I guess there’s a semi-happy ending to this story. I like him a lot more than I used to? Especially when he makes an appearance with the Muppets.

I haven’t talked much about the Veterinarian’s Hospital segment on the show. You know… you think Rowlf is this cool pup who can really tickle the ivories but the Muppet writers let him loose as Dr. Bob in Vet Hospital. And then there’s Janice who is normally so spacey… she can keep up with Bob’s jokes and even make some of her own. IT’S A MIRACLE.

Wait… it might be more miraculous that Miss Piggy seems to accept her role as a supporting character.

You decide.

Let me stop babbling so you can check out this Shakespearean spoof of Vet’s Hospital…


…isn’t that great?

I’m not sure anyone would actually CHOOSE to be on an operating table in front of these three. Maybe someone looking to be the butt of a joke? Or to die laughing? (har har, I’m hilarious, I know.)

Now that I’ve watched that clip a few times in a row… I think the real star of this segment is the narrator. Right?

Here’s to a week of good laughs (and bad jokes!) Happy Muppet Monday, friends!

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