Wine & Dine Weekend: A Shopping List

Around this time, before a trip, I’m always looking for the right bag to bring. It’s been sort of a pre-vacation tradition but even I have to admit, I have no reason to do that this time around. I’m still really happy with a Fossil crossbody I bought a few trips ago plus I was lucky enough to score a mini LeSportsac bag from the gals at Best Friends’ Guide during one of their recent giveaways. So I’m pretty good in that department.

WDW Shopping Checklist November 2013

There are, though, a few things I’d like to purchase before I leave. (This post also serves as a great reminder for me to get a move-on as far as pre-packing goes!)

A pair of Converse: These have been my go-to sneaker for 10 years plus. They last SO long, but my last pair is really on its way out. I’m a stickler for flip flops in Florida but it can get a little chilly during the evenings and since I’ll be coming from a colder climate in New York, wearing sneakers on the plane is kind of a must.

Instax Mini Film: It was a blast to use my Instax camera during our trip in March, and I can’t wait to do it again. (This time with Christmas decorations!) I have to make sure I have film since I go through these pretty quickly. (Even when I’m really thinking about what pictures I’m taking too.) It’s pretty great I can get these in the mail in 2 days since I have an Amazon Prime account.

Sunglasses: I am the worst at taking care of my sunglasses. This is why I go for cheap. (Especially if they end up breaking.) So it’s about time I gave up my scratched pair and got new ones.

Portable Charger: Even though I did so much better last trip balancing my phone time with real time, I was still scrambling to find an open outlet ANYWHERE at a few points. It just got old and annoying. After asking around for some recommendations (thanks to everyone who weighed in on Twitter!), I went with the EZO Battery Pack after At Disney Again mentioned he favored EZO products. (It’s different than the original one I wanted but I needed it to be delivered in two days.)

Four things for an almost four-day weekend? I’d say that’s pretty good.

Do you always find yourself scrambling to buy things before trips? I’m not alone right?

4 thoughts on “Wine & Dine Weekend: A Shopping List

  1. I think this is a *totally* reasonable pre-trip shopping list! Only four items? I’m amazed! Typically I amass quite a last-minute shopping list, ranging from the mundane (qtips, sunscreen) to the indulgent (well, I should *probably* just go ahead and buy this beautiful new dress that I don’t really need but would look good in Florida).

    So, I’m totally with you. Solidarity!

  2. Chucks go with everything. Ever. Always. If you’re looking for a more convenient (and cheaper!) iteration, Converse One Star for Target makes a laceless version with elastic at the tongue that you can slip on/off with relative ease. Great for airport security!

  3. A portable phone charger pack thingy?! Why do I never think of these things?! I was just planning on having my phone on airplane mode the majority of the time because my battery is absolutely shit. Imma steal it from youuuuuu

  4. I decided I had to have a pair of black polka dot Toms ballet flats before we left for Disneyland. Insanity. I had never worn Toms in my life. But the flats + my trusty black Chucks got me through DLR just fine!

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