Kill Refurb Marry: Crescent Lake Restaurants

Kill Refurb Marry

It’s that crazy time again!

Welcome to our second blog hop for Kill Refurb Marry! That time every few weeks where I freak out about what to kill because I’m afraid the subject of my kill will hate me. (I’m too emotional! Refresher: last time we focused on Resorts.) If you decided to join us today, we are chatting about the Crescent Lake restaurants. Crescent Lake is that body of water between Hollywood Studios and Epcot, where Yacht & Beach Club, BoardWalk, and Swan and Dolphin Resorts live. Basically my favorite spot in the whole world. As a DVC kid, I spent many nights eating at these restaurants and strolling the BoardWalk so I feel super invested in this area.

Unfortunately, though, I have not had a chance to experience all of these restaurants so I’m going to focus mostly on the BoardWalk spots since I’ve been to those places repeatedly. (Except Flying Fish which is on my must-do list for my next special occasion spent down in WDW.)

Here we go…


Kouzzina Wine Flight BoardWalk

Kouzzina. The thing is… I like this restaurant. I do. I’ve been here once. Had a lovely meal (very filling), great service, and a lovely wine flight. I keep saying I want to go back (especially for brunch) but I never do. I go everywhere else. Part of me is sad because I always loved Kouzzina’s original tenant: Spoodles. This was an every trip stop for my parents and I. We had a favorite waiter, loved the food, and it was one of our top spots. Sigh. So part of me is like “let’s kill it and bring back what was there before” or let’s make a place with a more diverse menu and can’t think about without my mouth watering?


Big River Grille BoardWalk Beer Sampler

Big River Grille. I know this is a chain, but I love craft beer. It’s also the first place I ordered my own craft beer without the help of my husband. (This is when I was just starting out.) I just don’t like their menu, they don’t have reservations, and it’s super small inside. This is probably why the wait is always so long. Can we expand? Can we come up with a cooler menu? Tapas? More rotation when it comes to the beers? I think this spot has a lot of potential but unless it’s in the middle of the afternoon and I’m sitting at the bar, I tend to avoid it. Too much stress for a vacation stop.


ESPN Club BoardWalk Disney World

ESPN Club. Weird? Call it nostalgia, call it comfort food but this place is always a sure thing for me. There’s three different seating areas (bar, high tops, and regular), the beer selection is decent, and I never had a problem getting in here. (Especially when everything else is so crowded.) My parents were pretty devastated they got rid of their famous hot dog but guess what? If you ask for it, they will make it for you. It might not be the fanciest place but I know I would be pretty broken up if it disappeared. Plus I love the BBQ dingers. They must be laced in pixie dust or something because nothing tastes like them at home.

So what do you think? Do you support my choices or are we now sworn enemies?

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10 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Crescent Lake Restaurants

  1. You’re not going to like this but…

    KILL: ESPN Grill/Zone/whatever they call it now. My feelings for are the same as they are for Rainforest Cafe. Why visit an overpriced theme chain you can find in other cities?

    REFURB: Cape May Cafe. Unlimited clams, even if they can be mediocre, are still UNLIMITED CLAMS. They need better desserts, though.

    MARRY: Flying Fish. Yum.

  2. KILL Kouzzina??? Fie on you, madam. Fie…

    Seriously, you need to go back. I’d never been to Spoodles but Kouzzina is one of my favorite on-property restaurants.

    I don’t know who I’d “kill” on Crescent, but I’d marry Beaches N Cream and refurb Cape May…

  3. Kill – Captains Grille at the Yacht Club – good space, food always seems mediocre
    Refurb – Kouzzina’s – love the food, it’s just too damned noisy in there, refurb and lower the sound reverberation; also, keep some tables for walk-ups!
    Marry – bluezoo – if you read our blog ever, you’ll know that we’re bluezoo fans; heck, we’re probably married to bluezoo already

  4. Marry ESPN Zone?! No way. Sorry, I killed it. This was hard this time – so many good places to choose from. I’m with you on big river. I really like sitting out on the boardwalk, especially at night, but I wish the menu was better.

  5. I never visited Spoodles. It makes me sad in a way since so many people loved it but I’m also glad I don’t have to miss it. I think ESPN Club is an excellent marriage prospect. 🙂

  6. Love your beer sampler pic. It is awesome..i especially love fruity beers..

    If you are a beer lover and ever visit the south, try Capital Ale House in Richmond. Their menu is like a thick heavy journal. And they have great food!
    ( this is not an ad for them, lol)

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