Sherman Brothers Event: Dressing for Progress

Sherman Brothers Blog Event by Disney on Wheels and This Happy Place Blog

I am on such a Carousel of Progress kick! I can’t help it. There is so much detail to appreciate about this attraction from the slight name changes as the years go on, the holiday decor, and even Rover’s commentary. Still, I find myself really captivated by that final “modern” scene. I could probably write a whole blog post on it. But Patty’s quips, the “new” technology threatening to ruin the holiday, and the family togetherness? It’s just so cozy.

Anyway, it’s Thursday so Melissa and I wanted to have do something light and totally us for our Sherman Brothers post today. (Let’s be real… the Brothers are just our excuse for us to look at pretty things.) We are both huge shopaholics, and horrible influences on each other when it comes to our wallets. (We are sorry husbands. Very sorry but we needed that sweater! We did. Anyway…)

I originally planned this post a little differently but then I was all “CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS SUPERFAN” about it and this is what happened. I need to wear this the next time I’m in Magic Kingdom. I think you should consider it too:

Carousel of Progress Inspired Outfit

  Time is of the Elegance DressGold Metallic Burlap TOMSPouch from Fossil | Gear Up Earrings

Isn’t this so Dapper Day-esque?!

For the cooler months, you might need to add a jean jacket or solid cardigan (black, gray?) to the above ensemble but I’m really excited about this combination. I love the golds — so classic and perfect as a tribute for Carousel of Progress. In fact, I think Patty would approve. (Thought she might want a bit of a bigger bag for her car phone? Will she ever upgrade to an iPhone? It’s hard to say.) I’m still not sure what my stance are on TOMS but this color is too perfect, and Katherine wore them all through our trip a few weeks ago. She has me rethinking them! And a cute bag? A must!

Looks like I have another day of humming “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” to look forward to…

Thanks for stopping in + happy styling!

Be sure to head over to Disney on Wheels to see what Melissa dreamed up! (I love her pick!)

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