My Sherman Brothers Top 5 Tunes

Sherman Brothers Blog Event by Disney on Wheels and This Happy Place Blog

I can’t believe this is the last post in our Sherman Brothers event! Already! I hope you enjoyed hanging out with Melissa and I for the past few days; I love working on projects with her! For our final task, we are both counting down our Top 5 Sherman songs. Oh my gosh, this is so difficult. I’ve already decided not to count “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” because I have talked about it enough this week so here’s my list without THAT favorite:

1. “I Wan’na Be Like You” from The Jungle Book

True story: When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to use this song for a majorette try out. (I twirled a baton.) Up until then, I hadn’t seen The Jungle Book at all (I’m pretty sure) but I had a collection of Disney songs and this was always one of the most fun. I thought the beat, the words, and everything would make for a very energetic routine. Sadly, we got our own songs for tryouts and this “dream” never became a reality.

Still think this is one of the catchiest songs from a Disney movie.

2. “The Monkey’s Uncle” sung by Annette Funicello

I had no idea the Shermans worked on this song when I listened to this song obsessively when I was a kid. Remember those Classic Disney music volumes? This song was one of them, and I wore that CD down. I was so sad when it started skipping. Anyway, a super silly song and Annette’s sweet voice. So much fun.

3. “Your Heart Will Lead You Home” sung/co-written by Kenny Loggins

This was another surprise to me. I didn’t even know the Shermans worked on The Tigger Movie. According to wiki (I’m not sure how truthful it was), but Michael Eisner heard the score and was like WE HAVE TO RELEASE THAT IN THEATERS. It’s a neat little story if it’s true. This song is very sweet, and certainly fits the friendships in the Hundred Acre Woods but it also has these sad and nostalgic moments too. It’s very genuine. (And Kenny Loggins always makes me cry.)

4. “On the Front Porch with You” from Summer Magic

I know, I know. I haven’t seen Summer Magic yet but this song came to my attention in the the documentary. It was Robert’s favorite and I can see why. The lyrics are so romantically sweet; it’s simply a love song. Burl Ives is singing in this video, and can you hear the crickets? “Oh! How I love to linger here like this / Hold your hand, and steal a kiss / Or two / On the front porch with you.”

5. The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room” from the Enchanted Tiki Room

I can’t make a list without a song from the theme parks. I’m so glad this classic tune is no longer sabotaged by the “under new management” spiel I saw more times than I wanted to. The video above is super long, but if you listen to the first few minutes… you have the theme song. It’s upbeat, it’s funny, and I love it features original characters in a Disney attraction. (We need to see this more!)

Be sure to check out Melissa’s Top 5! I love how we have such different picks!

Don’t forget — our giveaway of THE BOYS (Sherman Brothers documentary) ends tomorrow! Good luck!

2 thoughts on “My Sherman Brothers Top 5 Tunes

  1. My favorite Sherman Brothers tune is a tie between “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and “Strummin’ Song” Sherman+Annette=Magic

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