Muppet Monday: A Frog Full of Gas

Every year since I started This Happy Place Blog, I always try to bring up the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Since I was super little, it has been one of my favorite holiday traditions. I’ve never actually seen it in person (which is kind of crazy since I’ve always lived so close to NYC) but it must be on our TV every Thanksgiving morning. My mom and I always cry when Santa Claus shows up at the end. (This moment also signifies when I can start listening to Christmas carols at home. Yay!)

Last year, James and I went pre-parade night and saw the balloons all lined up on the street ready to go. Despite the intense crowds, it was such a fun experience! In 2011, I talked about Disney history in the parade and some of Kermit’s experiences hanging out on those New York City streets.

Kermit’s balloon returned to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 2002 after an 11-year hiatus and I’m sad to say that according to Macy’s parade website, Kermit will not be floating down those streets this year. James and I were actually planning on checking out the pre-parade route again but with the exclusion of Kermit (and even Captain Mickey), we have pretty much opted to stay in. Maybe we’ll be surprised? Or perhaps Kermit is just getting cleaned and ready for 2014? I can’t be sure. I’ve googled and haven’t come up with anything. You will be able to catch the Sesame Street crew on a float, though!

Luckily, YouTube and countless pictures on the internet will keep Kermit in our parade memories until he returns!

I absolutely love this clip of Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog hanging out in 1987 at the parade, receiving the Rollie Award for all their years involved with the parade.

It’s pretty great to see how Willard Scott can’t decide where to put the microphone when Kermit is talking. I imagine many newscasters have that problem.

No fear, friends… we get a dose of the Muppets on ABC this year for the Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular at 9:30 p.m EST. Thanksgiving night on ABC! I have no idea what to expect but I’m totally looking forward to it!

Have a great (short) week everyone!

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