2013 Happy Gift Guide: THE MUPPETS

It’s December + it’s Cyber Monday — the perfect time to kick off a series of shopping suggestions I absolutely have a ball putting together.

Since it’s Muppet Monday, it’s also the ONLY POSSIBLE day I could share these Muppety gift buying ideas for you. It’s always the hardest to find some new merchandise in this category because sadly there is very little product released throughout the year. And most of the time, if I see it (like say in FAO Schwarz) it is not the highest of quality. So this year my guide is on the shorter side but also a bit more fun, and taps into your own creative juices.


Muppet Happy Gift Guide 2013

It wouldn’t be This Happy Place Blog without another plug for Jim Henson: the Biography. I honestly think about this book all the time, and use it as a tool for my own Muppet Mondays. It’s such a fantastic, fantastic read and it is so full of never heard of facts of the original Disney and Muppet deal. I could not put it down (and did not want it to be over).

Of course, some musical suggestions: John Denver + The Muppets (holidays!) as well as the re-released The Muppet Movie soundtrack.

And for those of you adventurers, here are three finds from eBay, etsy, and eBay yet again. There isn’t a ton but you will find some classic toys, copies of Muppet Magazine (which is no longer printed), The Muppet Show books, lunch boxes, Vinylmations and more. There just seems like more to choose from in the world of personal collections and auctions. (Oh gosh, I just found a mini poster from the John Denver holiday special and several issues of the Muppets on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. This could go on all night…)

Happy shopping, friends! Be sure to leave suggestions in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

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