Take Five with Keith Lapinig + An Unbirthday Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!

I’m so excited to welcome Keith Lapinig to This Happy Place Blog. If you are on Twitter, more than likely you know him from his enthusiastic tweets and total Disney fandom! You know this dapper looking guy…

Keith Lapinig

Keith was nice enough to contact me about one of his latest projects: the Unbirthday button!  You know those “Just Married” or “Happy Birthday” pins you can wear when traipsing around the park? Well, Keith has created a whole new option! Check out this cute video:

Isn’t that adorable? You’ll have a chance to win one of these awesome buttons after you check out a little chat I had with Keith this week! Who is the man behind the smiley Twitter profile picture? Find out more below…

What inspired you to create this Unbirthday Button?

I had created some celebration buttons for past Disney vacations, and it was always fun to see the reactions I’d get from guests and characters. They were mainly joke buttons with messages like “Just Divorced” or “Just Caught ‘Em All” (which was Pokémon-themed). When the D23 Expo was just around the corner, I decided I wanted to give away buttons as a thank you to those that watch my YouTube channel and then found me on the Expo floor. I wanted to make a new design that everyone would want to wear, so the unbirthday idea kind of came naturally. Due to their popularity, I printed more of them to give out.

As an artist, what area of Walt Disney World (or Disneyland) would you like to give a Keith makeover?

I’d like to gut out all of the Imagination pavilion and make it focus as an Art pavilion! I’d also love to add a frozen Arendelle section to Animal Kingdom. I think it’s the perfect way to introduce an arctic area there.

We know so much about your Disney passion from your YouTube channel and your twitter account… what is one hobby or interest you have that might surprise us?

I’m a Nintendo fanboy. I prefer their games mainly because I’m not into gory violence and vulgarity, so first-person shooters and such aren’t my thing. Cartoony violence though? Yeah, give me Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, and Mario any day. Besides that, I also got into archery about 2 years ago!

With 2013 coming to a close, what was your favorite project from the past year?

I definitely love when I am given the chance to design animated billboards for Times Square, but concerning my YouTube channel, the one project I am most thankful for is my “Beast’s Real Name isn’t Adam” video. It was a fun little project that will now seem to follow me everywhere. I didn’t create it thinking I’d become some advocate for those Disney fans that knew his name wasn’t Adam. It really was just a casual video I made because I make trivia videos, but now I constantly get messages from viewers when they find an “oopsie” and tell me to get it fixed. It’s funny because all I can really do is pass it on! Beyond that, it has helped me meet so many great people. I’ve had cast members from Imagineering, the Animation Studios, the Archives, and many more actually befriend me and give a thumbs up of approval for that video. Who knew all this would be possible from that initial video?

Where do you get your energy from? It seems like your fandom is enthusiastically chugging along 24/7. What keeps you going?

It’s definitely the viewers and the fact that people actually watch. They make it fun and worthwhile to make these videos. I’ve gotten a couple of messages that make me realize that people’s presence on social media actually can make a difference. I had one mom tell me their daughter picked the Disney Cruise as her wish with Make-a-Wish because of my videos, and she watched the videos constantly to get excited. There’s also a family that watches my videos together on their TV whenever I release a new video, so it’s cool to help bring them together for a little family time. When I get these messages, it’s a good reminder that although I have a small YouTube channel, one can still be a role model. Whether you’re a role model to a million fans or even just a single person, I believe you have a responsibility to stand by.

Big thanks to Keith for taking the time to answer my questions + offer up his awesome Unbirthday button for giveaway!

Unbirthday Button Keith Lapinig

Find all the ways to enter below! Good luck!

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