Kill Refurb Marry: Thrill Rides

Kill Refurb Marry

Another month, another Kill Refurb Marry! Welcome, welcome to the post I panic the most about. (I am still not good at killing things.) But if you are new to this feature, every month Mouse on the Mind and I decide on a topic, inform others in the community of the topic, and BOOM… some very opinionated and lovely posts emerge.

Today we are all hey, thrill rides, we want to judge you. Keep in mind the definition of “thrill” varies from person to person. Take my mom for example… she’s not a big fan of the Mad Tea Party or Mission Space. So there is that. But enough with the small talk, time for me to make those difficult decisions…


Test Track. I just… can’t. I have zero absolutely zero interest in this attraction. In fact, the first time I ever went on it was with my husband on one of our very early trips together. We tried out the “new and improved” version in March and I was so incredibly bored with it. The car we created didn’t even line up with our actual ride which was a big disappointment too.

Truth? I’m not much of a car person… but that shouldn’t be a reason. I’m not a space person and I love Space Mountain so that shouldn’t matter. I would love to see an attraction that is worth the crazy-minute wait this ride has because of the lack of BIG things to do in Epcot… I’m not sure what but I would not be sad if this closed its doors forever. (It’s such an expansive space too… imagine the possibilities!)

Sidenote: We can still have a great car exhibit in Innoventions. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Test Track Finished Refurb March 2013


I could go so many directions with refurb:

→ Switch out Aerosmith or another theme (but keep the track) at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.
→ Fix the Yeti at Expedition Everest. (Haven’t we been asking for this forever?)
→ A minor one: make the Great Goofini go around the track at least twice to justify that walk to the front of the ride?

But I think I am going to go with Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom. I like the ride, I do, especially on a hot summer day because it’s so cool in there but it might be about time for a new “adventure” and new video spiel. Don’t you think?  But keep Phylicia Rashād because she is epically amazing.



Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! This particular attraction makes me so happy, and ever since the little enhancements that were done in the last year, I don’t really know how it could get any better. (I sound like John in Carousel of Progress.) What is there to really say? I love hanging out on Big Thunder at night with the view of the castle and yelping a bit when I think I’m going to get knocked in the head from those quick drops. (I’m not alone right?) It is ALWAYS a fun time.

Big Thunder Railroad March 2013

How did I do? Tell me the truth. THESE ARE SO HARD.

Big thanks to Mouse on the Mind for being an awesome partner in crime + everyone who participates today!

10 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Thrill Rides

  1. Fabulous choices, friend. I have come around to the new Test Track, but I still prefer the old one, and that one I didn’t really LOVE. Big Thunder is a perfect choice for marry. I love that ride in the early morning and at night. So fun!

  2. You did great Estelle! I also picked the recently refurbished Test Track as my kill and we make most of the same points. PS – I’m glad there’s someone else who had a car that didn’t line up with the ride. I really like Dinosaur but it needs work. And who DOESN’T love BTMRR?!
    Great post, great blog!

  3. I almost killed Test Track too. I’m not a fan of the improvements. I love your idea about a car display in Innoventions. Drew would love that. :)I would love to see Dinosaur spruced up too.

  4. You did great, Estelle! This is such a fun game!

    I actually haven’t been on BTMR in years, mostly because I didn’t think it was, well, “thrilling” enough to warrant the massive wait. Now I’m seeing a lot of “marries” for it, I think I may have to try it again…

    And yes. Long live Phylicia!

  5. I’m not a car person either- but I used to love Test Track. Before the refurb, that is- now it’s lost its charm for me! Great marriage choice- it’s my favorite in the Magic Kingdom (well, next to PeopleMover!)…

  6. Estelle!! 19 people played with us today!! This is so excliting. 🙂

    I totally love your kill and your reasoning. I didn’t even consider Test Track for some reason.

    Also, LOL at making the Great Goofini go around twice … ask At Disney Again about that!!

    Love you, lady. ❤

  7. Test Track is almost a big a waste of space as the Odessy building.

    One think I could never understand about Rock N Roller Coaster is the Aerosmith tune played prominently in the attraction: Walk This Way…google the lyrics and try to figure out how it got past the Disney censors!

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