Muppet Monday: Wolf and Mouse

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” seems to be a song with a reputation of being pretty creepy instead of super merry.

I don’t disagree with this interpretation. It’s not the most romantic song, when it seems like one of the people involved in this couple insists on the other staying even when they say no. I mean, you know what they say. No means no. And well, that doesn’t seem to be the case in this song. (Though I do like the version between Liza Minnelli and Alan Cummings. It’s fantastic because their personalities are infused into the song so well.)

You can thank Frank Loesser who wrote this back in 1944, and performed it for the first time with his wife, Lynn, at their own housewarming party. Apparently, Lynn wasn’t too pleased when he sold the song because she thought of it as a personal thing between the two of them. But Loesser insisted he sold the song because he would never be able to move ahead if he didn’t. “Baby” was featured in the 1948 film Neptune’s Daughters and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The song is literally written as a conversation between “wolf” and “mouse”. Maybe that says something about romance back then, huh?

Despite the questionable lyrics, it’s impossible to escape this ear worm during the most wonderful time of the year and maybe not so hard to believe that Miss Piggy sang this tune to dancer Rudolf Nureyev on an early episode of The Muppet Show. In a stream room. While he was only wearing a towel. You can only imagine how well Rudolph handled this.

As always, The Muppet Show knows how to interpret a song. I love how they don’t turn it into a serious thing, and instead, totally poke fun at it. It might be the best way to handle “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, all season long.

Stay warm this week + beware of pigs in the steam room!

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