The State of the Parks by Buddy the Elf

This weekend, my husband and I enjoyed our first round of ELF (along with some Peak Organic Maple Collaboration beer) and I couldn’t help but think: wouldn’t the world just a better and happier place if there were more people like Buddy in the world? (Assuming that Buddy is an actual person… he obviously is.) Perpetual cheerfulness, the ability to be so productive after only 40 minutes of sleep, and seeing the best in everyone and everything.

Can you imagine what the Disney online community would be like in general?

As I team up with Melissa from Disney on Wheels for another elf-erific post this holiday season, I keep wondering what Buddy would think of the past 12 months in the parks. Would he let the MagicBand naysayers get him down or would he rise above all of that? We do know that he would approve of the size of the toilets at the Tangled rest stop. There’s no question about that one. So without further ado, commentary on some of this year’s biggest Disney Park stories…

Here’s a little music to get you in the mood:

I’m sure you caught some of the rumblings about Starbucks moving into Main Street in Magic Kingdom and the Fountainview Ice Cream in Epcot. I, for one, was a huge fan of this improvement because it’s no fun to hang out in the Florida heat without the magic of an acceptable tasting iced coffee. Our dreams have come true + I’m pretty sure you know how Buddy felt about it:

Buddy the Elf Says Yes to Starbucks in Walt Disney World

Now we no longer have to blindfold our traveling companions to get them to drink a “rotten” cup of coffee… that makes a trip less stressful, don’t you think? (Serial killer like?)

Buddy the Elf Says Yes to Jingle Cruise in Walt Disney World

At least, Katherine and I are not left to cheerlead this holiday overlay alone any longer. While I know Buddy would approve of any Christmas-y improvements in the park, I have a feeling he might hide away and make the Jingle Cruise even more merry with his eye for holiday decor and paper snowflakes. Beware hippos! And beware skippers… they might be begging for their jobs back if Buddy ever takes over the wheel!

Buddy the Elf Says No to Limited Time Magic
original picture source

Buddy can smell right through the beef and cheese. Treat EVERY DAY like Christmas. Not some days, not some REPEAT days. Though he did love the True Love event… “I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!” And we can’t forget the snuggling and holding hands.

Buddy the Elf Says Hmm to Magic Bands

Cue the contemplative look. At first Buddy was all like “What’s your favorite color?” when he picked his out, but then we was kind of like “YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES” this thing is a pain to use especially when the app is slow and you have to choose attractions from a tier system. (Decide between Soarin and Test Track? How could you do this to someone?!) And then he’s like “does somebody need a hug?” because the message boards and blogs and Twitter is blowing up and everyone needs hugs and he runs out of hugs. Can you run out of hugs?! But Buddy has hope. He knows it took Papa Elf until he was 490 to become Master Tinkerer so maybe we just all have to be patient? And have a tickle fight already.

So basically Buddy thinks it was a pretty good year. Except, well, there’s ONE thing he hasn’t been able to move on from…

Buddy the Elf and Saving Mr Banks Problem

Why hasn’t HE cast in the Saving Mr. Banks movie?

Buddy the Elf and Saving Mr Banks Problem 2

He certainly embodies Walt’s idealism and believes in imagination!

Oh well… maybe he can snag a guest spot in the next Muppet movie.


…oh wait.

Until next year!

Happy holidays from Buddy the Elf! Sing a Christmas carol today!

Be sure to head over to Disney on Wheels to check out her Buddy adventure!

7 thoughts on “The State of the Parks by Buddy the Elf

  1. Buddy the Elf is awesome! It seems to me he is making a real comeback this year too. I just stumbled across this other article showing what it might be like if Buddy had his own Facebook profile– let’s just say he’d be pretty darn popular on there too. I think Buddy should be given a good spot in the next Muppet movie too!

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