Muppet Monday: Marley and Marley Woooo

Since Christmas Eve is right around the corner, I always like to do a post on The Muppet Christmas Carol on the Monday before the holiday. (It’s our tradition to watch this movie on Christmas Eve together.)

I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge Muppet fan either but the songs in this version of the Dickens classic are catchy and the entire movie manages to be incredibly entertaining and touching at the same time.

In an early scene, Scrooge (Michael Caine) is visited by his old business partners, Jacob and Robert Marley, played by Statler and Waldorf. (Here’s another edit they made to the original story… there is no Robert Marley in the Dickens version.) They are warning him of the horrors he will face after this death because of his poor treatment of others in life, and let him know he will be visited by three spirits before the night is over. This is his only opportunity to understand his behavior and make things right.

The song “Marley and Marley” was written by Muppet musical favorite, Paul Williams, and can always finds its way into my head when I hear the word “Marley”. (Granted, it’s normally during the holiday season that this happens but still…)

Now for your viewing pleasure:


I got a little caught up there…

Caine is great throughout the whole film. He’s one of my top Scrooges ever because he easily integrates himself with the Muppets. Like in this scene… maybe Caine is really frightened of Statler and Waldorf’s singing instead of their words but it works. He is clearly agitated and nervous about what the future may hold for him.

I can guarantee I’ll be humming “Marley and Marley” for the rest of the day…

What’s your favorite song from The Muppet Christmas Carol?

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