Muppet Monday: 2013 and What’s Ahead

Another year of explosions, musical extravaganzas, frogs, and weirdos has come and gone.

Can you believe it? Fifty-two weeks of Muppet Monday to jump start your week, and it has been such a fun ride, yet again. I’m not going to lie… 2013 hasn’t been the busiest year for the Muppets. Without a new movie release this year, I’ve relied a lot on older skits from The Muppet Show (best research ever, i.e. Time in a Bottle), some sillier post topics (The B-List), and great contributions from other Muppet fans around the Disney community (KJ’s Miss Piggy Corner; David’s Jim Henson and Frank Oz humor).

Estelle in front of the Muppets Most Wanted Poster

Perhaps the biggest triumph has been (in my eyes) the release of the Jim Henson biography from Brian Jay Jones. I had the best time counting down until the release day on the blog, spreading the word, and later, diving into the book myself and utterly enjoying it. I never thought I would say “I can’t wait to read that again” about a biography but it’s true. I’m so thankful we have all these Jim stories in one place, and even more insight into this complicated man who created so many of the characters and concepts that we love.

So as we look ahead to next year… the February release of Muppet Character Encyclopedia, the much anticipated The Muppets Most Wanted in March, upcoming events at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, and whatever else in between, I hope it’s fun, and thoughtful, and that there are tons of surprises.

Sam Eagle Muppets Most Wanted
Muppets on Facebook

I also hope, as Muppet fans, we only have more genuine exposure given to the franchise so that diehard fans remain satisfied and new fans learn to love them as we do. (Disney, I’m talking to you.)

To say thanks for your Muppet Monday support in 2013, I’m giving away a brand sparkly new copy of Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones for your bookshelves. Good luck and see you next year… (ahem… next week!)

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17 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: 2013 and What’s Ahead

  1. I want tons of cameos from all our favorite stars, and a healthy dose of the old vaudeville songs the Muppets used to perform on the show!!!!

  2. My GF is a huge Muppet fan. For 2014 I’d love to see Walter become part of the team (really part of the team, not just in movies.) I also hope they sell his new outfit so I can get it for the Walter we already have.

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