2013… A Swell Year

Two Disney trips and countless blog posts later, here we are at the end of 2013.

And you know what? It’s been a great year.

Melissa Hipsters and Estelle
Photo by @AtDisneyAgain

When you are part of a community like this one, where love is what drives you to spend your free time writing about this company, the reward is really the people you meet. As someone who isn’t a local to any of the parks and can’t make it down there as much as I want to, it’s the friends I’ve made that keep me going when I’m uninspired, when I have total writer’s block, or when I sit here and wonder just what I have to offer to this community of talented and creative folks.

Photo by @AtDisneyAgain
Photo by @AtDisneyAgain

Having the opportunity to talk through certain blog brainstorms, embark on new projects, or simply geek out about your next trip with someone? It makes my day a little bit happier and it makes my purpose a little bit clearer. Unlike writing for my other blog, where the main idea is to spread a love of reading, there’s a certain satisfaction when you can give attention to a wonderful new writer or get someone else to pick up a book. Those results are a bit more tangible and it feels so good. But here? It’s not the same. Are we funneling our energy into these time consuming projects to make Disney a richer company or give it more attention? They already have that going for them. Writing something Disney (or Muppet-related) is about spreading the love too, but it’s also about discovering something beneath the surface, spotlighting the details, and just finding other people who get it.

Yes, I stole this from @macabresalad
Yes, I stole this from @macabresalad

And that feeling (when it’s not bubbling with some kind of drama) is all around us.

From our first Northeast meetup with Disney Hipsters and Mouse on the Mind, the drinks we shared with new friends on our trip in March, accompanying Katherine on on her Wine and Dine weekendΒ and all the moments in between, I’ve felt so grateful for these snippets in time that have meant so much to me in the past year.

So on this last day of 2013, I just want to say thank you. If we met this year or even if we didn’t and just shared a few great Twitter conversations, your support and the time you take to answer my crazy tweets and to stop by THP, is so appreciated. Each and every day. I am so proud of how the blog has continued to grow in the last 12 months, and I’m looking forward to trying a lot of new things in 2014 while always supplying you with unique content and good writing.

Happy New Year

… for you, you and you! Whatever you are hoping for in 2014, I hope you go after it and make it a special year.

Before you leave and prepare for your champagne toast (depending on how early you are reading this… haha), be sure to check out my “thank you” giveaway of the new Jim Henson biography. If you’ve been following, it was one of my favorite reads this year!

Also a massive massive special thanks to the amazing contributors who jumped on board this year + made THP an even happier place, KJ for letting me tag along on her Instagram challenges, AtDisneyAgain for all his photography enthusiasm, and as always to Melissa and Melissa for their constant support, friendship, and never being afraid to answer my emails when I say “well I had this idea!”.


6 thoughts on “2013… A Swell Year

  1. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that we’ve become friends. You inspire me and have pushed me to become better at this blogging thing. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your input and support. I’m looking forward to some awesome collaborations in 2014. You are the best!

  2. Wow, I never knew you had another blog! Where do you find the time girl??? I love to read and lately have not had a second to sit down it seems. I can barely keep up with my blog!
    I checked out the other blog and it is really awesome, when I can get a moment I will definitely need to look over the reviews and choose a good read.

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