Muppet Monday: The Back Side of Puppeteering

Hello there!

Today I’m sharing an unexpected find from a recent trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York. We were there see the Rowlf Retrospective and afterwards decides to check out the rest of the available exhibits. Behind the ScreenΒ reminded me a lot of the AFI Showcase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or even One Man’s Dream… there were a ton of film montages, and detailed looks at props, costumes, merchandise, and more.

At one point, the museum had a collection of set models and how fitting that one was one of my favorite scenes from The Muppets Take Manhattan. You know that part where the Muppet gang arrives in New York City and seeks shelter in the Port Authority lockers?

muppets take manhattan port authority
muppet wiki

Look familiar?

Well, check this out:

Set Model of The Muppets Take Manhattan 1

That’s fun, right?

The best part was the back though:

Set Model of The Muppets Take Manhattan 2 Back Side

I’ll admit I never gave much thought to set design models for the Muppet movies and it makes total sense to make sure there is space for the puppeteers within the set but still. It totally delighted me to see this kind of detail.

And what about this?

Set Model of The Muppets Take Manhattan 3 Top

I wish my pictures were better but the lighting was horrible and my iPhone is just not the best but I hope this captured a little bit of the charm in these set design models. Not only was I thrilled to see this this little piece of Muppet film history, but I was amazed by how intricately the model was designed… down to the smallest detail (like a dog dish, a toaster, and Yankees pennant!).

Also if you are familiar with the Studio 1 Store at Hollywood Studios, you might notice the locker replica when you walk in from the Mama Melrose side! Be sure to check it out sometime.

Hope you have a fabulous week!


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