The Highs + Lows of Winter (Traveling)

Today I realized it’s been about six years since we took a vacation during the winter. Back when we first started dating, James and I were spoiled with some lovely vacations in Aruba where we would basically spend all day swimming, reading, eating, and sipping fancy tropical drinks.

Aruba 2007 Estelle and James

You know… back when James was still a smoker, I abused my eyebrow tweezers… we traveled to destinations where we knew the weather would be constantly balmy and we knew how to pack.

With this year’s very strange polar vortex and all the current issues air carriers are having because of it, I was suddenly reminded why traveling from New York City in the middle of winter wasn’t always my top choice when I think VACATION. Because this is what my head looks like now (without all the normal freak outs included):

  • What if there is a blizzard predicted on our departure date?
  • What if we can’t get back home because it’s snowing?
  • What do we wear to the airport?
  • Should I pack shorts and a short sleeved shirt in my carry-on?
  • Will that fit in my carry-on with all my books? (True story.)
  • Am I going to get another (my third) cold because I keep going from cold, warm, cold, warm temps?
  • And the question I have no matter the time of year I’m traveling, will I pack RIGHT?

It’s enough to drive someone crazy! (Or crazier…?)

The truth is I’m pretty relieved the weather is going to be evening itself out this weekend (even in NYC) and we will feel like we are on a true vacation. Disney isn’t ever aΒ beach vacation but when it’s been 8 degrees in your hometown and you barely want to walk to the subway (when it’s not that far to begin with), all you want to be able to do is escape and spend a little time outdoors without a bunch of layers covering your face.

Estelle in Winter January 2014
Me. Last week. Snow storm.

Can you tell I’m just excited to get away and pretend it’s summer for awhile?

You betcha!

(Except I still have no idea what to wear to the airport. Send help!)

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4 thoughts on “The Highs + Lows of Winter (Traveling)

  1. I am still jealous that y’all are off to Disney this weekend! I hope you have a fantastic trip, and I can’t wait for more photos and stories when you’re back.

  2. I may come off as crazy but after having lived in Florida as long as I have, I can’t wait to spend some more time where it is colder. I have always preferred colder weather or at least a place that experiences four seasons. When I was a kid, my family lived in New Jersey and I’ll never forget how much I loved the snow. It’s a whole lot of fun while you’re outside and it’s nice and cozy when you are inside. In any case I hope you had a lot of fun on your Disney vacation- those are hard to beat (even for a Florida resident).

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