Muppet Monday: Desperately Seeking Walter


A week ago I was spending a lovely Muppet Monday in Hollywood Studios. (This was unplanned but has become an unexpected tradition.) When you’ve been visiting the same 3D show for years and years, many people would assume it gets tired and you might as well pass it by. I had actually missed stopping in during my November trip (so sad) and when we saw a line (!!) to get in, we were even more motivated to make it happen. Sure it’s the same show but to hear a different crowd enjoying the show time and time again? It’s pretty priceless.

It is unfortunate that Hollywood Studios didn’t do more to commemorate the 2011 release of The Muppets. There are a few posters here and there, and a display in the Stage 1 Store but that’s about it. Until Monday, that is. When I noticed that one of my favorite new Muppets had finally made it big and into the Muppet Vision 3D queue. (He must be literally fainting over this news!)

Walter at Muppet Vision 3D Queue

Gary and Mary at Muppet Vision 3D Queue

Isn’t that fantastic? It made me smile a ton, just like anything Walter related. (Sorry for my shadow in the pictures!)

And then, if we want to give Piggy a little attention, she also had a trunk that was certainly in reference to The Muppets.

Miss Piggy Muppet Vision 3D Queue from The Muppets

As James likes to say, the least they could do is nothing and I’m certainly glad that these few details made their way into the Muppet Vision queue. The new movie and this new era of the Muppets should be recognized in some shape or form. I still would love to see Walter have a more prominent spot in this Muppet area, and fingers crossed, maybe that will come once the March movie hits theaters.

Oh no, I just realized I looked directly into the Visage Mirage. Uh oh…

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