Muppet Monday: Go Green Go Toyota

It would be nice if “Go Green” actually meant I would be rooting for the New York Jets in the Super Bowl this weekend. (Sorry Dad.) But instead this New Jersey set game will not include any of our hometown teams. I mean, to be honest, I’m not a fan of football at all and I was planning to spend the time reading and snacking. (I wish I was kidding. But I’m not even a fan of Bruno Mars for the half time show.)

But then the Super Bowl lured me in.


Because the Muppets are going to be starring in a Toyota Highlander commercial with former NFL football player Terry Crews.

Source: Toyota
Source: Toyota

Oh, you marketing people. You know how to get people in their gut, don’t you?

The ad is going to air during the second quarter of the game. Here’s a teaser:

Who better than the Muppets to teach us how to make our lives more exciting? I’m thrilled just thinking about it! Does this mean I’m a deprived Muppet fan? Probably. (Also what smart people at Toyota to team up with the Muppets? Best decision of their lives, I bet.)

“We’re always game for a wild ride, as long as Animal’s not driving. He doesn’t quite get the whole concept of brakes,” said Kermit the Frog, who will appear in the commercial, according to Toyota. (Auto World News)

Life gets even better, friends! During the game, you can tweet @Toyota or use the hashtag #noroomforboring to chat with the Muppets live. I think you’ll know what I’ll be doing… like the entire night.

So who are you rooting for on Sunday? The Broncos, Seahawks, or the Electric Mayhem Band? I know my answer…

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