A Night Out at Flying Fish Cafe

I’m a pretty adventurous eater (hey, I spent half my childhood eating octopus) but when you are dating and/or married to someone who is a picky eater… it definitely affects the kind of restaurants you choose when you are on vacation. I’m happy to say that James has become more open-minded about food as the years go on. Last year’s stop in Restaurant Marrakesh was proof of that, and I was thrilled that after years of sending Flying Fish Cafe reviews to James, assuring him there was meat (and good meat!) on the menu despite the restaurant’s name, he agreed to try it.


We always try to plan at least one “fancy” meal with our trips, so we scheduled a reservation for Flying Fish for the last evening of our vacation and after the early Fantasmic show. (More on this later.)

Flying Fish Cafe January 2013 Exterior

Our 8:50 p.m. reservation was on the later side (we even tried to move it up a little earlier that evening but the restaurant was booked solid). In the end, it was totally worth the wait (and the extra drink up at the BoardWalk’s Belle Vue Lounge) because we basically had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

It felt amazing.

Let’s start with the drinks.

I tried the Mixed Berry Martini (yum) and James went for the Einstok Icelandic Doppelbock (a beer he was eyeing earlier at the Brown Derby Lounge).

Flying Fish Cafe January 2013 Beverages

From the get-go, James was very receptive to sampling a lot of different things on the menu. It was great for two reasons: we were starving and we wanted to make the most out of our first meal at Flying Fish. Despite the tofu and avocado, James was just as happy with the vegetarian sushi as I was. It was absolutely delicious.

Flying Fish Cafe January 2014 Vegetarian Sushi

To follow, and based on our server’s recommendation, we gobbled up Mozzarella di Bufala alla Caprese. I don’t know if the dressing was laced with pixie dust or the cheese was just THAT fresh but this was the absolute best Caprese salad I ever had in my life. There was not enough bread on our table to ingest all of the balsamic on my plate. I was very close to just licking it clean.

Flying Fish Cafe January 2013 Caprese


James is not a seafood connoisseur at all. Not even close. He knew before we even got on our plane (after missing our first flight — yay!) that he would be chowing down on the Char-crusted Angus New York Strip Steak.

Flying Fish Cafe January 2014 Chargrilled NY Strip Steak

It was a winner. Direct quote: “It was deliciously charred on the outside but didn’t taste burnt, and was perfectly cooked to a medium inside. Tender, flavorful, and a very generous portion, it was a truly fantastic steak.” (I tried it too, and I liked it. The charred crust was definitely different.)

I went with the Maine Sea Scallops on top of risotto (this apparently had mascarpone in it?) and it was pretty much melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Flying Fish Cafe January 2013 Sea Scallops

For a side, James chose Aged Gruyère and Parmigiano-Reggiano-Potato Gratin. Delicious and oh-so filling after we a ate so much already. (Truthfully, the Leek, Fontina, and Truffle-laced Trofie Macaroni & Cheese sounded right up our alley too, but… next time!)

Flying Fish Cafe January 2013 Potato Gratin

So I bet your wondering at this point if we ordered dessert. We were super full but we couldn’t pass up trying SOMETHING so we shared the Trio of Concession Treats which included popcorn mousse and caramel popcorn, cherry-limeade mini-popsicle, and and the s’mores whoopie pie lollipop.

Flying Fish Cafe January 2013 Trio Concessions Dessert

Other than that part where James dropped half the ice pop in his coffee and we both laughed hysterically, we liked it. I do think we would have wanted something a bit bigger, but you know… it was all our stomachs could handle at that point and the trio served as a nice cool-down after the workout of a meal.

Somehow we managed to roll on out of there and take a nice jaunt down the BoardWalk. Flying Fish was definitely a hit for us. From the calm decor, the quiet atmosphere, and the great service — that’s all before the amazing food — it’s definitely remaining on our list for “splurge special occasion” meals on property.

5 thoughts on “A Night Out at Flying Fish Cafe

  1. I LOVED my meal at Flying Fish when I went for the first time last year. They didn’t have the Aged Gruyère and Parmigiano-Reggiano-Potato Gratin on the menu when I was there; I think I would have ordered two of them.

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