Birthday Wishes (The Possible + the Outrageous)

I am a Christmas failure!

I know, I know. Why am I talking about this now? Two months after the holiday?! It’s okay to talk about Christmas to myself right now but not to the whole wide world. But I failed because every year during the holidays I make a Disney Wish List (1, 2) and this year, it totally slipped my mind. So since it’s my birthday, I thought it might be okay if I shuffled the tradition a bit and posted about it today.

Santa and the Disney Gods will forgive me, I’m sure.

Time for a family trip. Cue the awws right now. But I was thinking about this the last time we went to go visit my parents. It has been over five years since our last trip together; it’s so long ago I’ve pretty much forgotten what it’s like to go on a Disney vacation with my parents. (Swim all morning, what?!) I hope that one day sometime soon our vacation days align and we can all bask in the Florida sunshine, sipping a beer, and checking out each other’s favorite attractions. It would certainly feel like touring the parks in a brand new way (especially since we’ve added one very important new member to our family!).

Family Shot Epcot 2006
I don’t have any pictures of the four of us together. Does this happen on your vacations too? (2006.)

Stop building new resorts and give me more in Epcot or Hollywood Studios. Guys, I’m serious. I’m whining. I’m throwing a tantrum. I have upcoming posts to write about this, but it’s just a shame that some of the same live shows have been running at DHS for over 20 years, and Spaceship Earth has dirt on top of it, there are no new attractions, and super long lines to meet princesses instead. I understand FastPass+/MagicBands cost a lot, and that New Fantasyland is just about done but c’mon. Your other parks need to shine too.

A return to Jiko at Animal Kingdom LodgeThis seems so simple! Doesn’t it? (I need to have some realistic wishes!) I think I’ve almost convinced James that he can survive a meal here (remember… he’s kind of particular) and it would be so great to have a nice celebration here with some lovely wine and new foods. The atmosphere has always been one of my favorites, and I’ve spent quite a few lovely dinners here with my family back in the day. It’s time to make my big return! (As a grown up who is going to turn 30 soon. Help!)

Can we sell Brian Jay Jones’ Jim Henson biography in DHS please? I’m being a tad particular… I know. But I just adore this book (James is reading it right now and flying through it) and this is just the kind of merchandise Stage 1 Store needs: awesome Muppet stuff that fills more than a small portion of a store dedicated to Muppet history! Right? Right? Jones’ book is a revelation, a must for fans of pop culture, and it makes so much sense for it to be sold somewhere in DHS. How about the Writer’s Shop? (I bet Jim would have adored having a signing there… he did love DHS a ton.)

Castaway Cay, stat. This year will be two years since we last went on a cruise. Does that sound like I’m bragging? Ugh. I don’t mean to sound that way. I know it’s a first world problem, I do. But it doesn’t feel like vacation until you are forced to shut off your phone and there is beautiful, clear water to stare at. (And endless mojitos.) I was hoping DCL would make its way back to an NYC port by now (maybe 2016) but either way, I can’t wait until James is graduated and we can seriously think about booking another one of these. I miss Serenity Bay like you would not believe.

Serenity Bay Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line
I can read 10 books in one day!

Bonus: Just get rid of the hat already. I saw this post on Tumblr the other day, and I was just pummeled by the harsh feelings I have about that hat. DHS feels so cartoonish with it just sitting there. A silly store masking the beautiful, detailed work of this park and totally messing with the ambiance. It needs to go. It’s overstayed its welcome. I love the open space of the past; it’s so welcoming. Instead we have this colossal thing ruining the aesthetic of what once was a peaceful spot and knocking us over the head with such an unnecessary symbol. (Like we could forget where we are.) I hope I hope we are closer to seeing this hat disappear.

Now it’s your turn! Put on the birthday hat and tell me what you are wishing for most at the Disney parks!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes (The Possible + the Outrageous)

  1. Happy birthday! And I agree with all of your points, but especially more attractions in Epcot and DHS, and getting rid of the hat. And Castaway Cay would be the perfect place to be today. 🙂

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