Muppet Monday: Late Night with The Muppets

We never stay up for late night TV. Ever.

Maybe because we have to wake up so early for school and work? I’m not sure. But when we heard that the Muppets would be the final performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… on a Friday evening… we had no excuse to check it out. Not only did the Muppets have one of the best appearances I’ve seen in a really really long time, but Jimmy even talked about the infamous NBC Pipes that Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Don Sahlin painted in 1964 while they were waiting to go on stage for their spot on The Jack Parr Show. (You can read about this in Jim Henson: The Biography; yes, I’m still pushing this!)

Even though NBC threatened to paint over their work, they never did and in 2009, Jimmy convinced NBC to make the pipes part of the tour around the studio. They commenced the event with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by Frank Oz.

Here’s a clip of Frank talking about the pipes:

My favorite guy (and yours!) stopped by during The Muppets promotion too:

Aren’t these fantastic?

Anyway! Muppet history! Jimmy Fallon loving the Muppets. It was such a sweet gesture to see the crew at the end of the episode singing “The Weight” by The Band. I was so amazed that many of the Muppets who don’t normally get the limelight DID. Honeydew and Beaker singing? (Without any explosions?) Walter! Floyd Pepper!! And Miss Piggy’s hair looked awesome, and her and Kermit sounded wonderful together.

If you missed it, here’s the entire clip. For just four minutes, it ranks so much higher than the entire 2-hour post-Thanksgiving Day Lady Gaga “holiday” special and maybe even some of the group scenes in the recent movie. These guys needs to get together and sing some more!

Not that I need a reminder, but I had this very nice feeling watching this. People love the Muppets. The Muppets are still here. It’s good. It’s really good. I hope Jimmy has them on the Late Show as soon as he can. (And the new movie will be out so so so soon!)

Have a Muppet-y Monday!

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