Happy Reads (+ Recap) of the Week: 2/15/2014

Hello weekend!

Hope most of you are gearing up for a long weekend! I’m certainly looking forward to mine. This winter is taking a toll and I need some summer already. (Olaf, my friend, you have the right idea.) I hope you are in the mood for some good reads because I have them for you. This week they are from all different places around the web! Happy reading!

Talk about reading between the lines. Alyssa at Books Take You Places discusses the Disney villains and tries to figure out what makes them tick.

I’m taking Leah’s picks for best Disney couples at The Magical World Of super seriously since she is a self-proclaimed cynic.

Leave it to the Hipsters to celebrate Valentine’s Day with some humor (and favorite Disney dishes!).

Loved reading Jessi’s recap of her Disney Marathon experience over at The Simple Things. (Their costumes were great!)

Tough Pigs reviewed the newly released Muppet Character Encyclopedia Book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Great post from Zannaland about changes in life, changes in her blog, and more.

Looking forward to a new Magic Kingdom parade after Nicole at Sparkly Ever After shared some new details!

Kelly over at Belle of the Literati saw the REAL Animal Kingdom guys! Here’s a photo recap of her recent Africa trip!

It might be a post from the book blogging community but I think all of us writers can take something away from Maggie’s post about honesty in blogging over at A Couple More Pages.


This week on THP:

Two BRILLIANT Love Meter contributions from Amanda on Wall-E and Eve and Keith on Donald and a billion gazillion ladies.

We also played KILL REFURB MARRY, focusing on LIVE park performances. (This was a ton of fun!)

Muppet Monday: Late Night history with the Muppets.

HAPPY WEEKEND ALL! Thanks for stopping in this week!!



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