Muppet Monday: John Henson

I was so sad to hear about the passing of John Henson this weekend.

Son of Jim and Jane Henson, he was only 48. A husband, a dad, a brother, a son, and an artist.

In one of the many remembrances I read in the past few days, I was quite taken with this picture of John from the filming of MuppetVision 3D in Orlando. He played Sweetums from time to time (taking over the physical character when original puppeteer Richard Hunt couldn’t do so anymore and later, the voice too), and trained others to play the lovable big guy as well.

John Henson MuppetVision 3D Disney MGM Studios

(You can also spy Jane Henson in the background.)

With the backdrop of the Chinese Theater at the center of (then) MGM Studios, I love this picture because you rarely see them and there is just so much excitement in them. (Let’s be real: John had some great locks.)

I thought a quiet tribute would be best today. Here’s a super short video I took around the MuppetVision attraction during our recent trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. No one was really around, and we were just soaking it all in.


For more information on John, please check out the Muppet Wiki entry and this article from the LA Times

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