Love Meter: Lady and the Tramp

Editor’s Note: Nicole is literally one of the kindest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met and another reason why I’m so thankful for this community because it has led me to great people. I love her enthusiasm for Disney magic, makeup and pretty things, and her amazing creativity. She is always inspiring me. Today, I’m so so so excited to welcome her to This Happy Place Blog as part of the Love Meter series! Thanks so much Nicole! Hope you enjoy, readers!

Love Meter Series February 2014 (This Happy Place Blog) Are Your Favorite Disney Characters Compatible

He’s a tramp. But they love him. And she’s a pampered lady. So are they right for each other?

My first stop for the answer was a girl who would most definitely know. She speaks their language. She’s my dog: Scarlet. While I was able to snap this quick picture of her next to my copy of Lady and The Tramp, she was extremely busy in the office that day and was unable to comment on the compatibility of these two Disney dogs.

Scarlet and Lady and the Tramp

So instead, let’s examine the facts. Lady is a Cocker Spaniel. The American Kennel Club tells us her breed is intelligent, gentle and flourishes as part of a family. They also say her active Sporting breed needs exercise daily. And, well, Tramp is a mutt so.. we at least know from his actions in the film that he’s street smart, adventurous and enjoys excitement. Tramp prefers to live “footloose and collar-free” but seems to have adopted the owner’s life at the end of the movie. We also know that they both enjoy romantic Italian dinners. It’s easy to fall in love over pasta.

Tramp’s high energy could certainly be compatible with Lady’s need to be active. When it comes to personality, let’s not forget the ever-popular opposites attract theory. She’s quiet and reserved. He’s got no shame. I think they each admire those traits in each other. Tramp is an all around nice guy, too. He felt obligated to help Lady get her muzzle off when he saw her helpless on his side of town. However, he did put her life in danger by coaxing her to chase chickens with him for fun, ending with her in the pound. Then she finds out all the secrets of his past from that pup with the bangs. I mean wouldn’t it have been so much better if he would have come clean himself?

Here’s what it will take for this to work. Tramp has to remain faithful and embrace his new lifestyle as a puppy papa and husband. Do dogs get married? You know what I mean. I definitely don’t think Lady should change her high morals and I don’t know if Tramp can adapt permanently. I’m too much of a hopeful romantic to say it won’t last, though. Do you think they will make it?

3 thoughts on “Love Meter: Lady and the Tramp

  1. It’s like Aladdin and Jasmine but in dog form and Lady isn’t technically royalty. I just don’t know if the Tramp will be able to support her in the manner to which she’s become accustomed, but I’m with you: this romance HAS TO WORK. It just has to, and I will accept nothing else.

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