(Literally) Polishing Disney: The Movies, Parks, + Resorts

Hello all!

Welcome to one of the more girl-ier posts featured at This Happy Place Blog. Melissa asked Nicole and I to join her to create some Disney-inspired nail palettes based on the movies, parks, and resorts we all know and love. I, for one, have had a slight obsession with nail polish for the past year. I started the monthly subscription to Julep’s nail program after some sweet peer pressure from my book blogging friends and it’s been a blessing (pretty nails all the time for a low price!) and a curse (for my wallet because low price means I just keep buying more).

Before I jump into my Disney color palettes, I thought I’d talk a little bit about traveling and taking care of your nails. I usually paint my nails before I go on a trip, but I do bring along a backup color in case something gets chipped. (It’s superficial I know but cracked nail polish just doesn’t look neat and clean, ya know?) Here are a few of my favorite products for the occasion:

THPB In Your Travel Kit Nails Suggestions

Single Use Remover Pad Kit: The last thing you want is for your remover to spill in your carry on or your luggage. These “remover” pads are so convenient: they don’t take up a lot of space & there’s no chance of ruining anything in your suitcase or makeup bag.

Polymer Top Coat: Definitely the best top coat I’ve ever used. Even if you aren’t the best at painting your nails, this coat smooths all the rough edges and you get a guaranteed week without having to repaint. (I wash my hands a lot and I’ve never seen coverage like it.)

Essie’s 4-piece collections: Tiny bottles are the way to go for vacations. More options with less the space. It’s a win win, isn’t it? I actually just got this collection for my birthday & I love how all the colors go together. Definitely something for every wardrobe choice from dining at the Flying Fish to hanging out in New Fantasyland.

Bonus: Quick Dry Drops from Julep. These really work. Just squeeze on each nail & your color will dry in a hurry. This is great for impatient polishers like me. (Or if you are totally zonked from your trip and you just want to go to sleep.)

And now to the fun part! Nail color palettes inspired by a movie, a park, and a resort. Get excited!

[ MOVIE ] Pixar’s Brave

Pixar Brave Nail Polish Palette

Josephine | Lena | Brielle

First things first: I love the colors in this movie poster. It’s so mysterious but full of bright colors and I wanted to achieve both of those looks with this palette. The first color is a super dark green (like Merida’s cloak) and the last two colors pick up the magic lights and then a softened orange/coral tone for her hair. I’m not one to choose colors based on seasons but this mix of colors is great for the winter or the summer because of the pop of freshness at the end.

[ PARK ] sunset blvd. collection

Sunset Blvd Hollywood Studios Nail Palette

Gemma | Emilie | Margot

Hollywood Studios might have its share of flaws but it also has Sunset Blvd. — one of my go-to spots to relax, listen to background tunes, and people watch. It’s so understated and my color palette represents the glam but also that softer side of the decade. (For the record, the green was for the palm trees but it matches the window awnings too. Disney thinks of everything.)

[ RESORT ] boardwalk

Boardwalk Resort Nail Color Palette

 On the Beach | It’s Raining MenBuilt Me Up Buttercup

I changed brands here. I’m a Julep devotee but last year when Melissa and I went to a Little Mermaid event in the city, we got our nails done and they primarily used Deborah Lippman. I told myself the next time I wanted to treat myself to some swanky nail polish (at 18 dollars a bottle), it would be this stuff. The color was vibrant and it stayed for a long long time. Plus this is a deluxe resort, it’s time to spend the big bucks! If you have been to THP before you know that BoardWalk Resort has my heart, and these colors are classic and totally match the beachy vibe of this homey spot.

Before you run out and buy all the nail polish for your next vacation,  be sure to visit Melissa + Nicole for more ideas!

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY — enter this giveaway for a villains nail art kit. You know you want it!

Villians Nail Art Kit

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Just a note: My Rather Be Reading blog partner feature a nail polish palette feature every month over at our reading blog, focusing on book covers and Julep nail colors that match them. I have emulated that style of those postings, one that I have only seen on RBR, on This Happy Place Blog today for today only.

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