Love Meter: Beauty and the Beast

Editor’s Note: Good morning, friends. On this last day of February, I’m glad to be one step closer to spring but closing the door on this year’s Love Meter series. Thanks so much to the writers who wrote such fun pieces this month, and all of you readers who joined in these HEAVY debates. Today I’m honored to welcome back the adorable, enthusiastic, super talented Emma from A  Pinch of Pixie Dust blog to discuss her favorite Disney couple. Enjoy!

Love Meter Series February 2014 (This Happy Place Blog) Are Your Favorite Disney Characters Compatible

He’s a beast.  She’s a beauty but a funny girl.  He has everything his heart desires but is spoiled, selfish, and unkind.  She’s stuck in a poor provincial town, dreaming of adventure in the great wide somewhere.  It’s a tale as old as time and one of my very favorite Disney love stories: Beauty and the Beast.

Now I actually don’t have a problem with the princesses who fall in love at first sight and marry the prince a week later (you know, as soon as he’s fought the dragon/evil stepmother to get to the girl).  It’s a Disney fairytale.  There are also talking animals and possibly even dancing flatware.  I’m not looking for reality.  I love the frilly fantasy.

Beauty and the Beast Disney's Hollywood Studios

But with Beauty and the Beast you do get a little something more…there’s something there that wasn’t there before.  As anyone will tell you, Belle is nothing like the rest of them.  And true, the Beast is no Prince Charming (Okay… I’ll stop using the song lyrics to write this post now… but they’re so beautiful!).

Even before they meet, Belle and the Beast aren’t typical, and in each other they find a match.  They grow not just to love each other but also grow as characters.  Belle and the Beast know each other’s faults and learn to compromise.  I mean, the couple that eats oatmeal together stays together, right?

At first maybe the Beast was just a beast and Belle was just a girl who could break the spell, but both of them move beyond their first impressions in the end.  It’s like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Belle once told me herself (at WDW) that the Beast reminded her of Mr. Darcy.  And can’t you totally picture Pemberley with a library as epic as the one in the Beast’s castle??

If Belle first started to fall in love with the Beast when she saw that library, I’m certainly not going to blame her.  She also becomes friends with the Beast’s friends, who show her what a great guy he is…

Lumiere at Belle's Enchanted Tales

I think talking candlesticks would give great relationship advice.

When it comes to the Disney love meter, I would give these two high marks.  The spell wouldn’t have been broken for anything but true love!  Are they compatible?  Will they stay together?  I’d say it’s ever just as sure as the sun will rise. 🙂

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