Muppet Monday: What It’s Worth

We were inspired to pick up on our viewing of The Muppet Show after the awesome time we had at the Museum of the Moving Image last weekend.

(I was actually freaked out that we didn’t have another DVD set left, but thankfully we still have Season 3 left. Please, Disney, please. Release the other seasons of The Muppet Show. I promise you will make so much money!)

I’m sharing this clip today because 1) it’s the perfect way to ease into the week 2) it’s one of the rare clips on The Muppet Show that doesn’t include any famous Muppets.

For your viewing pleasure, For What It’s Worth:

Maybe like me, you always thought this song was called “Stop Hey What’s That Sound” but nope. “For What It’s Worth” was written by Stephen Stills in response to a curfew imposed on the Sunset Strip in 1960s Los Angeles, limiting noise and traffic in the area.

In The Muppet Show version, the song takes on always a mystical quality. Very calm and relaxed until the hunters come walking through and all of the animals are hiding. I loved the detail to this scene. I mean, it’s 3 minutes of a show and there is just so much to look at.

I haven’t checked the song list for Muppet Most Wanted, but after The Muppets and their choice of covers, (for what it’s worth) it would be so nice to see them choose something a little less Ceelo and a little more classic.

Hope you have a great week, friends! Look for more Muppet madness than usual on the blog this month to celebrate the upcoming release of Muppets Most Wanted (18 days!!)!

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