Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service

Kill Refurb Marry

Where did the last month go? I cannot believe it’s time for another Kill Refurb Marry but here we are! Today we are talking counter service spots in Epcot’s World Showcase. I don’t have a huge history of hanging out at the counter services from when I was younger. I’ve chatted about it before but my family had a half day pool / parks kind of routine, which means we spent a lot of our lunches at the pool bar or checking into ESPN for a quick meal and a cool down.

It wasn’t until my trip budget changed and James and I started traveling down to the parks together than I embraced the counter service meal. Out of the four parks, I can confidently say that Epcot has the best counter service spots on property. (Animal Kingdom is a close second for me.) That makes this month’s Kill Refurb Marry so much fun and so difficult! (I’m already stressing. ALREADY.)

So let’s just rip the band aid off, shall we?


American Adventure Epcot

Liberty Inn @ the American Adventure. Have I ever eaten here? No. Is it the food? Well, kind of. It’s just your standard theme park grub (chicken nuggets, hamburgers, chicken salads). You know, boring stuff. I’d love to see rotating menus from around the United States, but I think most of all the American Adventure is so vast in space that a sit-down space would do well back here. And why is it that foods from different countries are the ones that get to be diverse? It makes me sad.


La Cantina de San Angel Drinks

La Cantina del San Angel @ Mexico Pavilion. I love the food; I love the view but I hate those killer birds. This is one of the reasons I think the seating area needs some kind of redo. It gets filled up so quickly, and the bird just make it hard to enjoy your meal. I’m so worried about one stealing my food or my seat or just making me generally uncomfortable (stop looking at me!) that I want to get out of there as soon as possible. (If you’ve noticed there’s no other space nearby where you can really take your food anyway. You might as well walk to Norway. (I think Nerds in Wonderland can attest to me saying more than once “I want to kill these birds.” I’m generally a nice person too but they give me a temper!)


United Kingdom Chalk Welcome Epcot

Yorkshire County Fish Shop @ England Pavilion. This one might be for pure nostalgia sake but the Yorkshire County Fish Shop has never done be wrong, either. During one family vacation, my sister and I decided to skip out on a Japan dinner with my parents (it was the first time we ever did this), got some fish + chips, and just sat on a bench and people watched. This was probably one of the only experiences during family WDW excursions that reminds me of how I visit the parks now, and it was SO nice. We felt independent, we took our time, but also didn’t have to totally take our time and it was fun.

One thing I love about the County Fish Shop is the proximity to the British Gardens (RIP British Invasion. I miss you) so it’s nice to have the option to sit in there for some quiet time or to catch a show by British Revolution. (Gee those names are similar.) Added bonus? This spot is next to one of my favorite bathrooms.

I can’t wait to hear what you love + despite about the World Showcase Counter Service options!
Be sure to check in next Wednesday for a special KILL REFURB MARRY: Muppet Style. BE CREATIVE!”
Thanks again to my blog bestie, Melissa, for being such an awesome co-host! xo

9 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service

  1. The only thing that I don’t like about the Yorkshire Fish Shop is the long line. It’s hard to wait that long! Still, it’s definitely one of the better picks in World Showcase. Liberty Inn is such a waste. Painfully dull and generic.

  2. I would so LOVE to see YCFS get a teensy menu expansion. Maybe the fresh crisps and English Bulldog. But then it wouldn’t so much be a “Fish Shop” anymore, I suppose… But still! 🙂

  3. I actually don’t think I’ve ever had the fish and chips from Yorkshire. The line always seems to be insane and then I end up just putting my name in at Rose and Crown, haha. But I do love me some fish and chips. And I too am easily swayed by nostalgia.

  4. I love Mexico but you make a very good point. Those birds can be a pain! It would be great if they would do something about it. Sorry I killed your Yorkshire Fish Shop – I don’t think I really want to kill it but just refurb it. Your story with your sister sounds similar to the reason why I picked La Cantina as my favorite!

  5. I hope you don’t mind I jumped on board this week for KRM! Counter service was hard because I can always talk my husband into table service at Epcot. Now that I’ve got a kid though I know we will be utilizing counter service this year. But, the American pavilion really needs some magical help.

  6. I see we agree on the kill. 🙂 Having a menu that rotates is an excellent idea. I would be happy if they just highlighted a few regions. And you are so right about La Cantina. We only each there for lunch since they let you into La Hacienda. Dinner, and the birds, are just too crazy.

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