Muppet Monday: Top Promo Picks

The Muppets killed it with promotional opportunities as they prepped for Muppets Most Wanted (which I hope every single one of you saw this weekend). To tell you the truth, I’m a little sad it’s all over. It’s been so refreshing to have a jammed schedule of Muppet appearances to look forward to. (Tough Pigs wrote a great piece on this last week.) Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, there will be more goodness to come from them soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from their pre-release date moments (just in case you missed a few or need a boost on this Monday!).

Rowlf and Rizzo in Toyota Highlander Mini-Commercial

There were a lot of opinions about the Muppets taking part in so many commercials during the winter. Were they being overexposed? Was it terrible they were being used to sell things? Well, my answer to that is that it’s how the Muppets started and I don’t have a problem with it because the commercials do respect who the Muppets are, and it never seems like they are doing anything out of character. Case in point with the Highlander commercials. New songs, extra creative clips, social media usage. The above video between Rowlf and Rizzo is so much fun because the humans in the video were not expecting them. It’s so fun to see their reactions (and for Rowlf to fall hard for a girl). P.S. My mom and Rowlf love the same kind of ice cream.

Be More Tea with the Muppets and Lipton Tea

Miss Piggy’s hair looks great and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Baby Animal as an actual Muppet. Plus it’s set in my hometown: good old New York City. I think this commercial is pretty hysterical because Kermit is stuck in a city of Animals (he takes on so many personalities!) and digs deep down for zen moments in a bustling landscape. It definitely made me thirsty, too, which – I suppose – is the point.

Sam the Eagle protecting the Jimmy Kimmel Show 

Could this clip be any more brilliant? Characters that aren’t Kermit or Piggy barely get any screen time during promos (although Walter got a good amount before the 2011 movie came out) so hearing that Sam was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? Yes! I had no idea what to expect but they couldn’t have put Sam in a more Sam position if they tried. It’s genius and packs so much (American!) punch in a few minutes.

The Muppets Intern at Buzzfeed

This pretty much changed my life. Rowlf wearing glasses? Fozzie freaking out about his boss? Miss Piggy not listening to authority? (What else is new?) I love this clip and could watch it over and over again. These small moments are exactly what I love so much about promo time for a new Muppet film. They are promoting but not obviously promoting? It’s also easy enough to be something we see more frequently. (Hint hint hint, world!)

Ricky Gervais and Constantine: Thick as Thieves

Say what you want about Ricky Gervais. I’ve never seen any of his work, and I didn’t have much of an opinion of him being in Muppets Most Wanted. (Spoiler: he’s fantastic.) But in this interview, you can see how much he LOVES this role, the Muppets, and his new pal, Constantine. It’s seriously like watching two pals hang out and make fun of each other. Ricky is laughing so much… this interview made me so happy.

Okay! It’s your turn. What were some of your favorite moments before the release of the film?
Did I make good picks?

Psst. If you want more, I talked with Keith of The Disney Project about the Muppets last week! It was a lot of fun! Also… just a reminder: SEE MUPPETS MOST WANTED please. 🙂

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