Muppet Monday: Scooter Centerstage

I like Scooter.

Sure, his uncle owns the theater where the Muppets started their show. Nepotism got him his job, but still — he does a good one. He never tries to undermine Kermit’s authority but keeps the show moving along in its own wacky way. (One part of The Muppet Show that I always love is when he lets the human guest star know that they are almost due on stage.)

Since he’s always working behind the scenes, the audience doesn’t get a lot of one-on-one time with Scooter. It’s all very infrequent but that makes it more special. Here’s a fun clip from Season 2 of The Muppet Show:

Isn’t he a super cute dancer? I love his shimmy and “The Hop” is a fantastic song.

Watching Scooter perform with these colorful frogs automatically made me think of his little appearance in some of the Muppets Most Wanted trailers. You know the one — Scooter singing the unsexiest version of “Moves Like Jagger” EVER. When I hear it, I look exactly like Walter in this clip:

Scooter will never be a showman (especially when he hits notes like that — eee!) but I think that’s okay. Not everyone can be in the limelight all the time (especially when there’s someone like Miss Piggy to compete with) — his talents lay in ย keeping the Muppets in order when everything is crazy as can be, kinda sorta keeping the guest stars calm, and being the pacifist between his uncle and his employer. Plus — and most importantly — there is the loyalty he feels to the audience, to keep the show going, and making sure we see the best the Muppets have to offer.

So maybe he’s not a typical star. But he’s still a necessary and special part of the crew. (Not to mention — he’s not insecure about his dancing… no matter who is looking. I like that.)

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