Kill Refurb Marry: Animal Kingdom Park Drinks

Kill Refurb Marry

I was a guest on the Enchanted Tiki Talk podcast this past weekend (we talked Muppets!) and at they end, the hosts asked me what my favorite snack in the Disney Parks was. My answer: a drink. My specific answer: Safari Amber Ale. I could have said Dole Whip but I had beer on the brain and it’s not a true trip for me without my fill of Safari Amber.

In the spirit (ha) of Animal Kingdom Appreciation month here at THP and also aligned with my state of mind from the weekend, I’m glad we are talking about DRINKS of THE ANIMAL KINGDOM today. Someone mentioned to me that the topic was “strange” (no I will not give that person away) and I’ll admit — it’s not typical. But the last time I spent a full glorious day at DAK I thought about the possibilities of a great drinking call there. It might not be on par with World Showcase but it can definitely be considered in the running.

So let’s get started!


African Margarita at The Dawa Bar. I feel awfully guilty about this one for some reason, but every time I see it on the menu… Estelle eye roll. It’s true! I mean, Yak & Yeti has some pretty creative drinks and the Dawa Bar gets this? Yes it has African Liqueur in it but it’s not exactly high on the creative scale. I’m pretty sure these are made ahead of time too (I was eavesdropping in January) and they are not even freshly shaken! I’m sad. I’m very sad.


Safari Amber Ale in Animal Kingdom November 2013

The draft beer selection EVERYWHERE. You all know I love my Safari Amber (even if it is distributed by Anheuser-Busch). I do not want it to disappear but I want to help it from being so lonely. St. George and Tusker Lagers are both available in bottles are some locations in the park but I wish I had something more to choose from. At this point, I’ve sampled all of them and I think it’s time for a new unique draft to be introduced. (Maybe utilize a local brewery?)


Jungle Juice from Animal Kingdom

Jungle Juice at Tusker House. Are you shocked I picked a non-alcoholic drink for this coveted spot? The truth is if there was liquor in Jungle Juice… I would be in huge huge trouble. During the character breakfasts at Tusker House, I can guarantee putting away a whole pitcher of this stuff. IT IS SO GOOD. Passion fruit + guava + orange juice juices mixed together = HEAVEN ON EARTH. (Chatting Over Chocolate has a great post on this too!)

Surprised by this month’s picks? I can’t wait to see how you decided!

Cheers + big thanks to my partner-in-crime Mouse on the Mind for co-hosting another fun blog hop!

5 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: Animal Kingdom Park Drinks

  1. My family and I ate at Jiko this past trip and my mother requested Jungle Juice. Actually, she requested “that really good juice that was all over the Lodge last time we stayed here.” The manager had to figure out what she meant, go over to Boma, and bring her a glass! Then we passed it around the table like it was a smoke pipe. Worth it.

  2. oh man! i hope you told the “strange” complaintant that it was your idea!

    LOL @ Leah’s story … and totes agree on Jungle Juice. Om Nom!

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