Muppet Monday: Food for Song

Did you have a good weekend?

We had warm weather, good books to read, and yummy dessert to eat (apple turnovers with ice cream!). If you are a dessert fiend like me, you know how a delectable, awe-inspiring snack would make you sing a song or put you into a coma. One or the other. Great snacks (cupcakes, Krispy Kremes) were mentioned in my favorite song from Muppets Most Wanted — “I’ll Get You What You Want.” Who can say no to a frog that will give you a unicorn, a satin pillow, AND a little cupcake? Um, hello. He is a prize! He is a gem! And outside of the scene in the movie, fill in the blank with anything you want FRO YO, APPLE PIE, ANOTHER MUPPET MOVIE and the song is just about perfect for every day listening!


Let’s talk about Dr. Teeth. This cool dude and the Electric Mayhem Band need more to do in the next Muppet venture whether it be movie, TV film, or variety show. I need more of their jams! More of their passion because they are freaking great to listen to. And like me, Dr. Teeth likes his dessert. Like any musician, he uses this kind of inspiration in his music. Here’s a product of that. A song about cheesecake from Season Two of The Muppet Show:

Food (like Beaker) is just never safe with these Muppets. AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM?

Here’s hoping you have a sugar rush to kick off your week! Happy Muppet Monday!

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