The Quietly Epic Side of Animal Kingdom

In January, James and I were most looking forward to spending an entire day in Animal Kingdom. The park was open until 8; we had nowhere else we had to be and it was going to be awesome.

(It was especially awesome when Amanda from Nerds in Wonderland caught up with us; it was not especially awesome when she got stung by a bee. This is REAL nature, people!)

About midday, the three of us took a leisurely break at the new Dawa Bar, listening to the sounds of Burudika in Harambe. (I love live music!) Two safari amber ales later, we decided to catch the last bit of light in the park and walk toward Asia. But, being us, we got a little sidetracked. There’s a lush, tree-filled walk to Asia with amazing views of the Tree of Life and, almost directly between the two lands, a few steps leading to a landing with chairs and tables and one of the most remarkable views of the center of the park.

Rest Stop in Animal Kingdom January 2014

It was early evening so the park was getting quieter but even so, the three of us had the landing to ourselves. Snapping pictures and sipping our drinks, I remember thinking how amazing it was — to be in this lovely spot with two lovely people in the middle of a theme park and feel completely peaceful. I’m sure “peaceful” isn’t a word a lot of people use when they visit theme parks and maybe that’s because when they don’t visit as much as repeat guests do, they don’t stumble upon these still moments. But they exist.

Rest Stop in Animal Kingdom on the official map

So the next time you need to regroup and remember that you are on vacation — away from the stresses and monotony of every day life — I suggest you find this secluded nook. A little peace and quiet, and some of the best photo opportunities in the park. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Rest Stop in Animal Kingdom January 2014 - 2

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