Muppet Monday: Many Moose Games

It’s Monday, friends, and someone is playing a trick on Kermit. Except I’m not exactly sure who (moo?) it is.

A moose with a very familiar name and a John Wayne accent makes several cameo appearances in this Season 2 episode of The Muppet Show. Kermit is in charge of the thing and he doesn’t even know who the guy is. WHAT KIND OF SHOW IS THIS? The crazy kind, that’s what. I love that Kermit is suitably worked up by this interruption and even more so, later on, when the joke drops.

These days, we don’t see Kermit get irritated as much. Or make that kind of face. Has he grown up? Has he softened with age? Is it just because he’s no longer in charge of the most “hold on to your hats you never know what to expect” show in the universe? It’s possible.

Gags like this make me want a weekly variety show back in my television lineup. (Okay, this is not the only reason I want to see the Muppets on a weekly basis but you know what I mean.) It’s not even meant to be a momentous occasion, but you remember it anyway. (Perhaps it’s also ironic in this particular situation because Jim Henson was years from moving forward with selling the Muppets to The Disney Company; for now, maybe this was a way to spread the love — in the comical way he knew how to.)

So here’s to cowboys, mice, and a few cute jokes! Have a great week!

One thought on “Muppet Monday: Many Moose Games

  1. Really cute clips, so clever and obviously sly. I always look for those moments when Kermit loses it – a type of rage mode as my kids would say – he is often pushed to that point by Miss Piggy, and I think such a moment happened in Muppets Most Wanted (?). Yeah, maybe he has become a bit more restrained with his emotions over the years. Fun post!

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