Cue the Trumpets + Eavesdropping

Welcome to…


… a brand new, hopefully frequent column about the secrets of the Disney underworld. Stay tuned for the juiciest tidbits about those fantasy figures making the headlines today.


Now that those pesky trolls have gotten their wish (disappear! disappear!) there are a few better dressed and mostly better looking ladies who aren’t too enthused about those new sisters relocating to the land of fantasy and strollers. Is there an uprising on the horizon? Is one of the classic leading ladies on the way to the unemployment line (without FP+) to make way for this darling duo? Word advice to the newbies: the hair is the first to go. Beware of gum.


Talk about blowing fuses. A certain gentleman no stranger to the rat race and a good rumpus room seems to have had trouble keeping a leash on his youngest. (No, not Rover.) Seems someone was a little irked over the golden celebrations for the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Tired of being ignored, he took matters into his own hands. So if you found yourself stuck behind a few boats, listening over and over again to the world’s “favorite” theme park tune, you know who to thank.


Who do they think they are? Those miners have tangled with the wrong man. Not long after finally getting his own digs (he doesn’t even care that he didn’t get that girl) he’s going to have to start sharing with SEVEN other men. He needs room to flex his muscles, mousse his hair, check out the ladies – and now what… already a big mountain and new trees are blocking his views and worst of all – no one can tell him the exact time of when this is all beginning. How can he plan his secret attack when everything’s still a secret?


Who will make the next ALL’S FAIRE column? You never know…

If you have your own story to leak, be sure to contact @happyplaceblog. I’m really good at keeping secrets…

Until next time…

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