Muppet Monday: I’ll Get You That Hit Song

Greetings! We’re switching things up today and I hope you enjoy it! I’m proud to say Keith from The Disney Project is just as obsessed with this song from Muppets Most Wanted as I am. (Victory!) Even though we saw the film, weeks and weeks ago, we are still getting it stuck in our head! So today, we are chatting back + forth about the song, the possibility of it winning any awards, how it ranks as far as our favorite Muppet songs go, and more!

E: Keith! This is a huge deal. I have NEVER shared a Muppet Monday with anyone. ANYONE. You should feel super special right now.

K: OMG, I *do* feel special! Furthermore, I am excited to discuss the topic we have lined up.

E: You mean the absolute greatest song in the universe?!

K: If you’re referring to the song that has recently changed my life, then yes.

E: Aww. That’s so sweet. I love that we are getting very personal on here. I guess we should tell people, hmm?

K: Okay. From my very earliest memories of The Muppets, “Rainbow Connection” has always been my favorite Muppet song. That is, until, March 21, 2014.

E: This is a colossal deal! Knocking The Rainbow Connection out of the top spot? I don’t know if I could say the same but it’s pretty close. Tell them; tell them!

K: Do you want a unicorn, Estelle? Because I’ll give it to you!

E: You are too kind, Keith! Too kind. I could use a little cupcake though. Less stress. 😉 But seriously, these quirky lyrics are exactly WHY I love “I’ll Get You Want You Want” from Muppets Most Wanted. It’s easily the best song in the film. Don’t ya think?

K: Oh gosh, by far. And I may need to ruminate on it further, but as of this moment, it has snagged the top spot in my Muppet musical library. Time will tell if it holds on to that title, however. There were so many great things about that song, including Constantine’s performance.

E: I could not stop laughing when this scene popped up at my screening. Constantine’s wardrobe, for instance? Ah-mazing! Who ever would have thought a frog could look so good with clothes on? (Sorry Kermit!) But I think Piggy’s expression throughout the song takes the cake. She’s so shocked at Kermit/Constantine’s behavior!

K: Look at you. “At my screening.” Yes Estelle, we all know you saw this film months and months before us peons did. Way to rub it in! And yes, Constantine’s satin shirt made me laugh out loud. I lol’d, Estelle. I also loved Piggy’s incredulous look. Brilliant bit of acting, for a Muppet! Remember folks, she thinks this is Kermit behaving like this!

E: Hey hey hey. I paid for my screening! And it was only a week early. I’m not that special; I promise! It does take a lot to shock Miss Piggy & Kermit being voluntarily nice to her?? What?? A Hollywood star, a car! A kangaroo! What else could she need? One detail I did love were the rats playing backup. Totally perfect.

K: You say that now, but I, along with the majority of your readers, shan’t be surprised if we see you somewhere in the Muppets Most Wanted blu-ray’s special features. Another brilliant piece of imagery came early on in the song, as Constantine was rattling off items he was willing to provide, he pulled them from off screen and began to hand them to Piggy! Genius.

E: He was definitely pulling out all the stops to convince Piggy he was her man… err, top frog. (He didn’t get the memo that Kermit was not known for these public displays of affection.) Let’s chat music for a second. After all the nostalgic songs from The Muppets, I had no idea what to expect from a caper film. My favorite song from the last film was “Life’s a Happy Song”; it’s an earworm like “I’ll Get You What You Want” but serves a completely different purpose. How would you compare the music in both films?

K: I admit I haven’t seen the previous film (2011’s The Muppets) in about a year, but from what I do remember, I also liked “Life’s a Happy Song” the best. Well, not counting The Muppet Show theme. When they performed that during the fundraiser, it kinda gave me goosebumps. I hadn’t seen that on the big screen in quite some time. But Most Wanted felt much more musical to me. That might be due to both storylines involving musical shows. The Muppets’ traveling act, and Kermit’s prison musical.

E: Oh gosh. The prison musical is a whole other Muppet Monday! That was a great detail in the movie. I was wondering what you thought about this song’s Oscar chances. “Man or Muppet” won in 2012, and this tune seems to be the most popular from the new film — do you think it could win at the Oscars?

K: I’m looking forward to that Muppet Monday of yours, because as we once discussed, I preferred the Russian prison storyline over Constantine’s in Most Wanted. I am horrible at predicting Oscar nominations, but I would not be surprised in the least if “I’ll Get You What You Want” is nominated, or wins, for that matter. I think it was brilliant. It was so good in fact, it alone was the basis for this installment of your Muppets Monday series. We had to celebrate its awesomeness! What do you think its Oscar chances are?

E: I’m equally terrible at Oscar predictions too (because I mostly see Disney movies in theaters) but I wouldn’t be surprised if THIS was the nominated song. (Tough competition with Piggy’s heartfelt solo: “Something So Right” though. SHE was amazing in it.) Keith, I’m super sad because we have to wind down. Boo! Last question is my fav! If you could replace three “things” in Constantine’s song to Piggy, would what they be?

K: Ah! That went by fast. And to end it on such a tough question! Pretty much everything Constantine offers Piggy is great, which is part of why the song is so amazing. I can tell you right now, we’re leaving in “unicorn”, “mortgage loan”, and “thingy thing”. So, let’s see. I would replace… “ice cream cone” with  “Dole whip float”,  “face to blame” with “bag of sand” and “little cupcake” with “magic band”. Yeah, that’s what I’d change.

E: And with that, you totally ruined the song. 😉 Thanks a lot Keith!

The Disney Project and This Happy Place Blog
Keith + I in WDW in November 2013

No, seriously. Thanks for joining me, Keith! This was so much fun! And now the song will continue to be stuck in my head forever…

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