Muppet Monday: More to See at MuppetVision

I know, I know.

Aren’t I tired of talking about this attraction yet?


In January, I wrote about The Muppets discoveriesย that popped up in the awesome queue. Today will feature two little pictures. If you have been to MuppetVision in DHS, you know how large the pre-show room is. SO SO SO DEEP. Sometimes it’s not that crowded and other times, you find yourself standing at the back. (I get the most giddy during these times because it warms my heart to see so many Muppet fans in one room.)

During this particular trip to MuppetVision, I turned around as we shuffled into the theatre, realizing I had never stood in this spot before. Never ever. This led to a few more sights to take in.

MuppetVision Electric Mayhem Preshow

Looks like the Electric Mayhem Band had their own designated spot. I love the packing list on the outside: paisley bell bottoms and groovy shades. Perfect!

On the very back wall, I spotted a “groovy” cutout of Kermit dressed like Bruce Springsteen. (Yay Jersey!)

MuppetVision Back of Queue

Actually Kermit was dubbed Kermit Greensteen when he transformed into Bruce for the cover of Muppet Magazine in 1985. For a special bonus today (and the first laugh of your week, I hope), here’s a clip of Kermit singing “Dancing in the Dark” during season 2 of Muppets Tonight:

It’s shocking to me, after 18 years of visiting this attraction, I can still spot NEW things. Even as someone who is ALWAYS looking so I write posts like these. I hit the jackpot last time, it seems. ๐Ÿ™‚ With the addition of Constantine reel in the actual pre-show show, I am hoping a few more new “props” aren’t far behind.

One thought on “Muppet Monday: More to See at MuppetVision

  1. I finally had some time to enjoy this post. Bruce is my all-time favorite musician and you know I love Kermit and those Muppets. This is awesome. Love those stickers on the band equipment, too. Looking forward to Mondays now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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