Muppet Monday: Getting to Know the Crew

Let’s start off the week with a little quiz. Do you know:

  • Javas?
  • Fazoobs?
  • Doglion?

Any thoughts? Guesses? No? Well, we are in the same boat. I had no idea who these guys (things) were or the fact that they were Muppets until I popped open my copy of The Muppets Character Encyclopedia from DK Publishing. (A refresher: the launch event I covered here.)

Muppets Character Encyclopedia is All Mine

Don’t worry — the compact and colorful book is not only meant to educate but reintroduce you to the characters you already know and love. Did you ever wonder where Gonzo shops? How many pounds Kermit can bench press or the big mistake Rowlf made on set during The Muppet Movie?

You will be the STAR of any cocktail party with these facts. I promise.

In all seriousness, this is one of the most comprehensive crossover books about The Muppets released in way too long. The entries are short to read and full of pictures for the younger set, and for the big kids, there are throwbacks to The Muppet Show and tons of silly jokes. When you think of the word “encyclopedia”, you don’t expect the information to pop off the page, but it completely delivers in that aspect — making the characters seem even more lively than they already are.

Another great touch are the various feature spreads — Muppet parody posters, more information on the Electric Mayhem Band or the Muppet Theatre, and scenes from the recently released, Muppets Most Wanted (just to name a few) break up the character entries and add a nice touch of Muppet history to the book. (Though we are in the mindset that the Muppets are “real” because there is never the mention of a puppeteer.)

Sample Page of The Muppets Character Encyclopedia

For the seasoned fan or the even newbie, young or old, The Muppets Character Encyclopedia is the perfect addition to your book collection. Truth be told, there haven’t been a ton of Muppet books recently released so we must buy up the ones that are! I could definitely see myself picking up The Muppets Character Encyclopedia time and time again — after viewing the movies, when I need a laugh, or even for a little Muppet Monday research. It doesn’t try to take itself too seriously (kind of like the Muppets themselves) but it also fulfills a noticeable gap in Muppet literature.

Oh — and if you were worried, the book  has received the Muppet Labs Seal of Approval… so, um, it might blow up or start singing/dancing randomly in your living room. Just remain calm. It can’t last forever, right?

The Muppets Character Encyclopedia from DK Publishing + Craig Shemin: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

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