Those Things I Want To Do But Never Get To

Looking ahead, I think I have at least two more trips (one for sure!) to Walt Disney World on my schedule until I take a break. (We are thinking of doing Disneyland next spring, and hopefully, checking out a brand new spot we never visited before later in 2015.)

Epcot World Showcase 2014

So lately, I keep thinking about all the “things I say I’m going to do but never get to”  at WDW. It still amazes me that after all my trips over the years, I still have a few things left unchecked on the giant “to-do” list but it’s so true. On the way home, I am constantly saying “next time, next time” so today I’m making a list of a few of the things I want to accomplish the next time I’m knocking on Mickey’s door.

Let’s do this!

→ L’Artisan Des Glaces for Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich

I love ice cream, and I have been dying to try this sweet snack for awhile now. I went to the new bakery in France last March but the brioche ice cream sandwich didn’t make an appearance until October 2013. The problem is… I’m always too full after an amazing Epcot dinner to have dessert! I will not let that stop me in the upcoming trips.

→ Orchestra listening at the Grand Floridian Resort

Maybe it’s from years of playing in the band or spending high school in the marching band (I didn’t play; I was a majorette and twirled a baton) but I love listening to live music. Love love it. (I actually mentioned this activity in particular in a girl’s day out post I wrote last year.)  I don’t spend enough time at the Grand Flo… and I would love to find some time to kick back and enjoy some tunes. (Free entertainment: doesn’t get better than that!)

→ Fantasmic

This might seem like a silly addition but I swear… every time I make plans to see this, write it on a schedule and everything… it never ever works out. We’re late, we’re too early, we have dinner plans, something else ran too long… I haven’t seen it in awhile and it’s one of my favorites. (I just love the music.) This option might seem the most likely out of this list but you never know! DHS as my night destination hasn’t been easy for me lately.

→ Brunch at Raglan Road

Last year, Katherine introduced me to the Bread Pudding at this Downtown Disney eatery. My life is now complete. Seriously. So delicious. I’ve complained about the lack of brunch options in the parks (we are down another with Kouzzina closing) but I’ve been hoping to try Raglan Road sometime soon. Perhaps it will remind me too much of NYC brunch locales but… it’s all about the experience, right?

Liberty Belle at Magic Kingdom

Another attraction where my timing is always off. Either I don’t have enough time to dedicate to it or it is nighttime and it’s not running (although, might be pretty cool if they could turn this into a nighttime attraction somehow). I like this one because there are great picture opportunities & I just love boats.

Return to the Top of the World

We haven’t stayed in a DVC resort since our honeymoon so it makes sense we haven’t been back in 3 years. Oh, how I wish they opened it a bit or something (password! twitter! something!) because it’s a special place and probably my favorite Disney lounge. Fireworks, awesome decor, and lovely drinks. I’m hoping we can make it back here at some point.

Silhouettes at the Magic Kingdom

Ever since I discovered James has one of these from his pre-teen years, I’ve wanted to get two done: one of me in my pre-teen years to match his + one of us today. They are such a nice keepsake and would look so great up on our wall when we are missing WDW so badly. Why does it feel like we never have time to sit??

→ Go back to the hotel and swim

Um, I sounded like a broken record in January over this. It was SO hot out (I kept forgetting it was actually January) and all I wanted to do was relax in the water. (I love to swim.) Nope nope nope. It was always go go go and never any time to sit sit sit. Sigh. Missed opportunity. I want to take advantage next time!

→ Citizens of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is related to the above + the lack of time just to sit. My last few trips to DHS have been hit and runs, and I regret not hanging out longer and watching the Citizens of Hollywood. Guests (and twitter folks!) seem to have so much fun watching them, and taking pics. I remember hanging out and watching them when I was with my parents years ago, but nothing recent. Sadface. I need to support live performances more!

→ BBQ Dingers at ESPN Club

It was a family tradition to hang out in ESPN Club the day we left for the airport. James and I used to try to follow suit, but it’s been a lot harder since our hotel is never in close proximity. I know it’s just a BBQ wing but it tastes yummy and extra special there. Plus the place always brings me back to those early WDW vacations.

10 to-dos, 2 trips… can it be done?

What are you always saying you want to do but just never get to?

7 thoughts on “Those Things I Want To Do But Never Get To

  1. I love this post! I always have a list of things that I want to do and I never seem to get around to doing them. I hope that changes on our next trip. I really want to listen to the band at the Grand Floridian too. 🙂

  2. Estelle, this was such a great blog, and such a terrific list. Love this. I think now you have it basically in (electronic) stone, there should be nothing stopping you from getting this list Accomplished! Why not actually plan your next trip AROUND this list? Everything on it sounds terrific, and I don’t think you would leave disappointed! =)

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